Tips for Hassle-free Packing for Relocation

Packing a complete household before relocation can be a hard and stressful task; especially if you have never had done this before or if it is years since you had your last relocation. With various things to do at a time, you at times find it difficult to decide where to begin. Here are some useful tips for packing and moving your entire household in a hassle-free manner.

Get Your Supplies
First buy the materials you need for packing up your household goods. PackingE-Z Movers: Packing supplies boxes are one of the most important things that you need for packing. These boxes are easily available. You can approach packing and moving companies like E-Z Movers to buy packing boxes. E-Z Movers supplies packing materials at reasonable costs. However, before buying the boxes, estimate the number of boxes you require for packing your belongings. A small advice, it is better if you use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items. Try to use larger boxes for lighter goods like comforter and pillows. Other than packing boxes, we can use bubble wrap, packing tape, cellophane, moving blankets and filler papers for packing purpose.

Organize Room by Room
Try to pack things room by room. Suppose you are packing dining room items. Put all the dining room items in the same box. This will turn your task of rearranging easier after you reach your new home. If you are packing your kitchen articles, wrap the utensils, glassware and storPacking and storage servicesage items with cellophane paper and put them carefully on a moving box. If some of the boxes are half empty, put pillows, towels and sheets to fill in the empty space. Pillows and towels will not only fill in the blank space in the boxes but will offer extra protection to your items kept in the boxes. If there is a shortage of towels, just put scrunched up papers to make sure that the boxes are well-packed.

Label & Designate
After you pack the boxes, label their contents with a marker pen. Also decide in which specific room the box will be kept when unloaded from the transportation vehicle upon arrival at your new address. Make sure that you mark the specific room the box belongs to on the carton’s side as well. Labeling all the boxes and furniture will turn it easier for the movers to rearrange the things after you reach your new home.


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