Relocating To Fort Lauderdale

Moving Guide: Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Florida has Fort Lauderdale! Do you?

Best known as the Venice of America because of the vast canal system of the city, Fort Lauderdale is marvelously placed between Miami city and Palm Beach. Its nice tropical weather is the main reason for hundreds of people moving there every year. Probably you are looking to move to this nice city in search of better business or recreation options. Whatever the reason, when you decide to move first consider Fort Lauderdale  movers that can add value to your move and make sure it all goes smooth.

Fort Lauderdale Moving Facts

 The Job Market

Fort Lauderdale is a small city with population a little over 170,000, yet it has a smaller metro area developed around it. The job market is weak compare to the rest of the country, however, many employers have stated their intention to hire more personnel in the second quarter of 2011. According to the job postings have declined over the last year with 37 percent versus 32 for the whole country. It is recommended that first you find a job and then relocate to Fort Lauderdale. Thus, start your job hunt and even be prepared to travel to there for an interview. You can use this also for your pre-move trip since such could be very helpful if you have never been to the city. The average salary will be determined based on your level of education, so if you have a Bachelor’s Degree the average salary is $30,000 to $40,000.

 Housing in Fort Lauderdale

Housing is another important aspect. Again do a research, no matter if you are buying or renting. Consider your budget and do not forget to put aside some money for moving expenses. The average home price in Fort Lauderdale is $200,000 for tow to three bedrooms. The median home sale price in the last one year was $169,000, but you should remember that it’s all about location. Popular neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale are Victoria Park, Coral Ridge, Imperial Point, Central Beach and South Middle River. Fort Lauderdale has a special Neighborhood Recognition Program under which more than 60 distinct neighborhoods have been recognized.

 Climate in Fort Lauderdale       

Let’s not forget that we are talking about Florida and despite tha tit is far removed from the equator the climate is typical for the tropics. The climate is humid, tropical like in the rainforests. Summers are the “wet season” and between May and October are really hot. The average high temperatures are between 85` to 89` F while the average low temps are in the 70s. You can expect mild winters with average temps around 59`-60`F. Thus if you are looking to escape the bitter winters of the northern states, relocate to Fort Lauderdale and you will never have to shovel snow again.

Moving To Fort Lauderdale

Moving is an intricate task and without the proper organization it can turn into a disaster. Thus, whenever you made your decision to move to the Venice of America research professional movers. A moving always starts with a plan. You have to plan everything to the smallest detail in order to stay sane. Here are a few main steps to consider.

  • Make a checklist with each room to organize your move.
  • Go through each room and list everything you want to move.
  • Make a list of things you will not move.
  • Donate or have a garage sale for those items.
  • Now call a few moving companies and get quote.
  • Never go for the lowest estimate!
  • Ask friends and family for references.
  • Research the moving companies, read moving reviews.
  • Ask each company for clients referral letters.
  • Stay in touch with your movers.

Many people tend to go for local moving companies because they know now to move you in or out of Fort Lauderdale hassle free. Professional movers will lay out the moving strategy for you, and provide moving boxes and supplies for damage protection. The movers will come with their team of expert packers and movers and will manage everything in a professional manner. Professional movers can also advise you on local entertainment, routes and neighborhoods.

Let us know about your moving experience to Fort Lauderdale!


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