Moving on Your Own

Moving day

Do not try that on your own!

For most of us there is nothing more draining than moving out of our home and into a new one. I will never forget my last three moves. In the last three years I have moved three times and it was truly an exhausting experience. The third year, I was about to cry just thinking of that I am facing another move. Every time I knew that I will have to move out and then move into  a new place, yet every time it was a nudging event.

“My place was my comfort zone, I didn’t want strangers to touch my things!”

Leaving the place where you have spent every night resting, watching TV or listen to radio, is not easy no matter how long you’ve lived there. Most of us have decorated their homes the way it would make them feel better, more relaxed and comfortable. So then, when you come back in the end of the day you can stretch out and relax. In the process of making our homes the place we want them to be, we have accumulated tons of stuff.

Thus, in many cases when the day of the move comes we can’t believe how much stuff we have to take care of and pack. It’s crazy how with every passing year we compile more and more things in our homes. So, this was what happened with me at my last move one year ago. The moving day was getting close and I was like, ‘hey, we have time to pack, and we don’t need professional movers.’ Moreover, a friend of mine used to work for a moving company and he said he would come help us so we are fine. Or at least I though so.

“School, work and moving become too much!”

On top of everything, including working and going to school, having to move on my own, without hiring a moving company, was terribly exhausting. I had to pack up everything – from the kitchen to the smallest closet in the apartment. Imagine that you have to open every closet and drawer in your house and pack all items hidden in there. It is amazing how many unnecessary bits and pieces you discover. So then, you have to take the time to decide whether you really need them. Then if you don’t, you have to find the best way to dispose of them – donate, auction or trash. Not easy!

I can go on forever, but I am sure you got my point. It’s a lot that needs to be done. Do not hesitate to hire a professional moving company because it will save you a lot. A lot of headache and fights with friends and family, whoever is involved in helping you move. Save yourself the nerves and get professional help with your moving.

Real Moving Story shared by Vasilka Atanasova, E-Z Movers.  Read more real life stories from professional movers here.

Let us know your moving story!


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