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Beautiful city locations at walking distance!

Indianapolis is among the best places to live in the U.S. It has seen enormous economic growth in the last few years and now offers great career opportunities. Hundreds of young people, after graduating some of the prestigious universities there like Indiana University and University of Indianapolis have settled in Indianapolis. This has injected the city with a fresh work force and has made it a desirable place for new investments. The city has made home for many small and big businesses and the state continuously ensure business friendly atmosphere. For example, the sales tax in the city is seven percent, while the income tax is 3.4 percent.

Housing Market in Indianapolis

The capital city of Indiana has one of the lowest costs of living in the country as housing is very affordable. Indianapolis has always been famous with its housing market. You can find a 3 bedroom 2 baths house to move in, with garage and huge backyard for approximately $140 000. And even now with the booming job opportunities, prices are still some of the lowest which makes Indianapolis a very desirable place for living. Besides the great housing market and growing jobs, unlike many other metropolises in the country, the median salary in Indianapolis is $56,000.

Indianapolis Public Transportation

Another Indianapolis asset is the public transportation. Matching everything else in affordability, it has 28 fixed routs with over 5,000 stops. The single ride fare price is $1.75 and it offers great daily and monthly passes.

Living Social – In Indianapolis You Can!

Indianapolis: nightlife in the city

To get out and enjoy life is easy and affordable in Indianapolis!

With the already mentioned low cost of living, Indianapolis also offers great and reasonable nightlife. It looks like everything is within your reach in this city! You can go online and Google to find some of the best bars, but you can also just stroll downtown and find all of them.Indianapolis is a great walking city. It has a full variety of bars and restaurants, from sports to Indian and Mexican to Jazz and Irish Pubs. There is something for everyone. Moreover, the city is a great cultural center and it’s bursting with pride over its cultural districts. In these districts you will find unique galleries, museums, shops and many stages with live music and all forms of entertainment.

Let’s talk moving now! Indianapolis Moving!

So far so good! You have read about it, listen and most likely seen Indianapolis and have made up your mind to move. Remarkably, as it may seem but you are on your way to this distinctive and exciting city. It’s not too big, it’s not too small and it’s not too expensive. It actually falls into the golden mean category Aristotle was talking about long ago. Now start shopping around for the golden moving company. You may in fact start with trusted local movers. Ask around and will surely find great Indianapolis movers. Get a few quotes to compare and make sure the company you pick is license and insured. Indianapolis movers of E-Z Movers has been serving this area for two decades and continue to do so every day. Once you have received your free estimates, compare them and hire the moving company that suites your budget best. Make sure you list all your belongings and ask if they offer additional insurance for some of your more valuable items. All legit companies should provide basic limited liability at no additional cost. You should ask the sales consultants all your questions to ensure great service. The more you know the better. And now that you know how great Indianapolis is, call your movers and book the moving!

Let us know how your moving went and what is your Indianapolis vision!


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