Minneapolis Affair – Moving Guide


The beautiful city of Minnapolis offers great views!

Minneapolis, one of the Twin Cities, has always been a great place for living and business. From the nature lovers to the city buzz and culture seekers, you will find it all in Minneapolis.  Should you decide to move to Minneapolis, you will certainly need to learn more about what to expect prior and after the move. You will also need to choose reliable moving company in Minneapolis. Let us start that it is also called The City of Lakes because of the surrounding 22 natural lakes. This city grew around the flour mills powered by the Mississippi river. Since then, it’s been destined to be a commerce center and now a vibrant cultural and financial district.

Minneapolis Moving Guide

Downtown Minneapolis is divided into five distinct neighborhoods, Downtown area, South, Southeast and Southwest, North and Northeast. The city has done an amazing job in developing and maintaining these hoods. Downtown is the core made up of the business district, modern buildings and bustling nightlife. Northeast is the oldest part of the city depicting the working class and immigrant roots with its ethnic restaurants, bars and art centers. The North part, or Uptown, is usually associated with the yuppies and young families looking for fashionable place to live and have fun. Then the South and Southwest parts dissolve into more tucked in, quiet places as well as universities’ campuses.

Affordable housing in the nearby suburbs

Most people who haven’t been to Minneapolis, all they know is that it is cold up there. Well, you can find great rentals at a great price in downtown Minneapolis, yet the more affordable housing is in the suburbs. The average rent in the city is $900 a month. If you decide to buy, the median home price is $222,000.

Taxes & Average Salary in Minneapolis

Median household income is $53,000 and average salary $38,000. Sales tax is 7.75%, while the sate income tax varies between 5.35% and 7.85%. There are some extra taxes collected on top of all others, for entertainment, restaurants, hotels and a separate liquor sales tax.

Getting Around Minneapolis – Public Transportation

Walking could be the easiest way to get around downtown Minneapolis, yet the buses and trains system is very well established. Public transportation, if you learn the grid, it can be very helpful to get around the city.

Nightlife & Cultural Events in Minneapolis

Minneapolis: nightlife

Smaller than most motropolis, but glimmering just as much at night!

Entertaining in Minneapolis is definitely within reach even in the winter thanks to the numerous skyways connecting downtown buildings.So, you can make your way to the many shopping malls and restaurants in downtown by only using the skyways. After the work day is over, the life certainly doesn’t stop. Nightlife is mainly situated in the West side of the city where one can find many nightclubs and live music venues.

Moving to Minneapolis – Find Movers, Get Quotes!

Now that you have made up your mind and decided to move to Minneapolis, you have to explore the moving options. It is a good idea to start with a trusted local Minneapolis movers. Get at least three quotes and compare what the different companies offer for the price they are asking. Define your moving needs exactly. If you need a full moving service, which includes full packing, loading, transportation and unpacking, you may want to consider only full moving service companies. Choose the one that suites your moving budget best, but don’t let the price be the only factor when hiring a moving company. Seek a binding quote too. Expect to pay approximately a $100 per hour for 3 movers and a truck, but always ask for special discounts. Many moving companies offer lower rates in the beginning of the month, and in off-peak season. Keep in mind that all legit companies provide basic liability at no additional cost and should provide an additional insurance if you need such for your belongings. Ask to verify if the moving company is licensed and insured and also for references. Read our article on how to choose a reliable moving company. The moving consultants should be able to provide you with references from happy customers they have assisted in relocating. You can also read reviews and testimonials on the web to further research the company customer satisfaction rate. Be prepared with questions because the more you know the better your moving experience will be.

Now that you know your destination, and hopefully have found an affordable place to call home in Minneapolis, go ahead and book your move! Let us know your moving experience and Minneapolis affair!


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