Why don’t we hear the happy customers?

Moving Reviews & Stories! Would you share?

After everything has been said and the moving done, people forget. The good experience could be remembered forever, or buried in the subconscious forever; it depends on the importance of the event. The most important happy experiences we have been through, and we will always remember, are personal, and these are the once we lock in our mind and commit to remember forever because they always bring back the good feeling. We all have them, and we all wish that most our experiences in life, whether personal or professional, are such.

A good experience is bliss, it makes you believe that the world is beautiful and all people are good. Yet despite that being happy is the best feeling ever, we don’t always share it with the world because we are afraid that someone will ruin it. This same world that triggered or contributed to it, or just watched it happening to us doesn’t often know about it. Why? Why don’t you share your good experience and happiness? Moreover, why don’t you share your good relocation experience? It is still personal, but not that much for you to be afraid that someone will ruin it.

Thus, why don’t you share your moving story? You probably don’t have the time, or just forgot about it.  Well, probably the reason is the subconscious fear that the world will deprive you from your happiness. Let us know of the reason please! Some argue that it is just human nature, the fear is part of the human nature.


People are thinking

Count to ten, think twice, whatever you do the mind has the power over you! In the moving industry, we tend to think that our clients have initially tuned up for a stressful moving experience because it is not like going out for a dinner or shopping for a new sofa. Moving is a difficult job, and that’s why there are professional moving companies to take the burden off the customers’ shoulders.

Take a look at these testimonials to verify for yourself that moving companies work hard and work good. This initial mindset that “the moving will be one of the worst things I will go through this year” is actually the barrier that prevents customers of sharing their good relocation experience afterwards.

People say everything is in your head meaning the way you think about something is the way you will remember it. Let’s not forget about the power of our minds. The mind is a powerful driving force that can create the unimaginable and make you believe in it. Just think about the millions of fiction stories and movies! Actual people sat down and created them. Stories that made people ask themselves if this is real or not, and many strongly believe in creatures and extraordinary powers just because they read about them or saw a movie.

It is the same when you are going through a moving. You either strongly believe that it is going to go well and then when it goes you remember it as a good experience or you don’t. The intricacy here is that when it all goes well we forget it, but when it goes bad we scream and yell and make sure the whole world knows. Hence, going through a bad experience, in our minds, reconfirms the initial state of mind that it was going to go bad and now I have the right to yell and scream because our mind goes through the bad experience second time. Still there are quite many happy customers who have shared their story. Read some  E-Z Movers reviews and verify that for yourself.

Our minds control how we interpret our experiences. They can turn even the worst experience into the best, and bad experience into the worst. Think about this after your moving is done and let us know would you share your story or not, and why. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you!


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