Is Packing Boring?

E-Z Movers believes that packing could be an exciting task, yet it isn’t easy. Though it is not easy, you should not make the mistake to approach it with that attitude. No matter how busy you could be, packing when moving is a task that can prove very interesting and stimulating. It may even inspire you to sit down and write a poem.
How is that possible? Because when you take the time to slow down to go over all of the things you have to pack and move, you may be amazed by their quantity and value.

Do You Need To Move Everything?

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Not everything needs to go on the truck. Have a garage sale!

The things we acquire over the years are important as some are the building blocks of our life. Most items mean something to us, but sure there are things we should throw away or donate. So, going over everything in your house before the moving is a good way to actually sort out what you should really move with you to your new home. At packing, many of us find things they have long forgotten in the basement and now can put in use. Just like the frying pan you got as a gift from your mother in law, but never used.

Thus, finding it now will save you the explanation you have to deliver when she finds it in your new place. When we put the joke aside, looking through all your belongings will give you an idea of what you really need. Make a list of the items you haven’t used in a long time before you start packing and wrapping, give it a thought if you will use them again, and if not get them out. Organize a garage sale or donate things to Goodwill, whatever you will not use  someone else may be can. Thus, you make two good deeds at once, helping yourself and helping others.

Sorting Before Packing Can Bring Money in Your Pocket!


An old piece of antique could make you very happy!

Packing is not boring! You found the pan and got rid of it, now you found an old piece of furniture that you can auction for $2,000. Can you imagine that this old wooden chest or dining room arm-chair would sell for $2,000? Woohoo, this paid for your move and you can buy that new sofa you wanted and sell the old one at a garage sale.

Yes, you see that you should have a garage sale because there are a lot of things you could sell instead of pack and move. Now, just by taking the time to go over every item in your house and start packing some items before the move, you saved yourself some money. Isn’t moving and packing exciting now? I bet it is, you just need to spend some time going over everything you own and assign it a value.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to see what’s in your house before you start packing and moving. Let us know what you found! Do you think packing is boring?


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  1. thanks for visiting my blog. i wish i had come across your blog when i was preparing my move- you have lots of interesting tips.

    • Your welcome & thank you Tina. Your blog is inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it and I will read more when I have the time. Our blog is pretty new, but I am working on developing it further 🙂 I am glad you liked our content!


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