My New Home Cleveland – Moving Guide

Cleveland: great view

Not too big, not too small, Cleveland is great urban center with good job market.

The popular destinations for moving today are changing. New life at a new place could be your biggest challenge – listening to news reports that the economy’s turnaround is around the corner, yet nothing happens. You may be moving to Cleveland for a job or to start a new life and then find a new job. Whatever the reason is, be sure that you research the place where you want to relocate and even visit it if you can. If you are considering relocating to Cleveland. here we have summed up some important information to guide you with your relocation decision. You may not follow the tasks in exactly the same order, yet we recommend you do as these are the essential steps in achieving a quality lifestyle at the new place.

  • Find a job in Cleveland
  • Find your new home
  • Find a moving company
  • Hit more facts about Cleveland

Moving Guide: Cleveland Job Research

We would not argue that relocating to Cleveland with already secured job is the best way. So, if your relocation is job related you can miss this section. If you have just decided that you want to move to Cleveland, then you should start off by finding a job. Compared to the rest of the U.S., the Cleveland job market is strong. According to over the last year job postings in Cleveland have declined 26 percent while the decline on a national level is 32 percent. Some of the popular jobs in Cleveland are Administrative Assistant, Project Manager and Operations Manager. The respective average salaries are as follow $30,000, $75,000 and $65,000. If your occupation is in another field, then just remember before moving to research companies that are hiring and average salaries. This listing was to remind you that in Cleveland there is more than the automobile and steel industries. You can also find blogs and forums about Cleveland job searches and any other employment resources.  Craigslist is a good source for new job postings even though many of us often disregard it.

Moving to Cleveland: Find Your New Home

Finding a new home is never easy, yet in Cleveland you have the advantage of the smaller city. It is ranked the tenth largest city in the U.S. as the metro are has almost three million people. The city of Cleveland is divided into Downtown, East and West districts. The heart of the city is the Downtown area which includes the Financial and Theater districts, where one can find the Playhouse Square Center. The umber of downtown housing units has been increasing in the last decade and now you can find a number of condos, apartments and lofts. The rest of Cleveland divides its resident by living on either west or east side of the Cuyahoga River. The East side includes world-class cultural and arts complex, while the on the West side you will find the airport and the West Side Market. An average listing price in Cleveland is $130,000 for two bedrooms homes and sometimes even less for three bedrooms. However, this is the amount listed for, remember you can always negotiate that price. Looking at the prices you see that moving to Cleveland may be the best step you have done in years. The housing is affordable and you can get a lot space for your money.

Cleveland Moving Guide: Find A Moving Company

Now that you have found a job and a home, prior moving to Cleveland, it is good to research for a moving companies. If you are relocating cross-country, it means you are going on a long distance move. The cost of the moving will be what concerns you the most, as well as the time.

First, you have to find a few reliable moving companies and get quotes. When talking to the relocation consultant, you should list all your items intended for moving in order to get more accurate quote. Read our article on how to choose a reliable moving company for more in-depth information on that. Also, you can call some local to you moving companies as they can offer a convenient and accurate in-house estimate. Choosing quality moving company could be difficult, but there are some steps you can take to ensure you make a right choice.

Second, after you have received a few quotes, check the companies’ customer satisfaction rate. Read online moving reviews and ask for customers’ references. Legit moving companies should be able to supply you with references from customers they have relocated recently. This will definitely help you choose a moving company.

Third, when you settle with a moving company, start organizing your move. Good organization is the key for a successful relocation. Prepare a moving checklist and follow every step. Moving will take a good amount of time in packing and wrapping as well as in loading your belongings. It all depends on the type of furniture and items you have. Packing and wrapping materials may not be included in the price, so you may want to buy them yourself, unless you have requested a full moving service that includes everything a relocation requires. By organizing we mean that first you go over all of your goods and decide whether you are moving everything. There are may be many items you will not use and can sell or donate. Think about that option when preparing for the move to Cleveland. Last, but not least ask your relocation consultant about any additional charges that may occur. It is important that you stick to your moving budget.

On Your Way To Cleveland, Hit More Facts

When everything is finalized and you are now driving your car, or have hopped on a plane to Cleveland, learn more details about the city. Once you relocate there you will see that there are quite many attractions and things to do. You should visit the second largest performing arts center in the US – The Playhouse Square Center – and see the Cleveland Orchestra. There is the world-famous Cleveland Art Museum and the U.S. first health museum.

The climate in Cleveland consists of four seasons as the winters could be quite cold. The average summer temperatures is 71` F and January is the coldest month as temperatures often stay way below the freezing point. For many people the Fall is the best month with its beautiful colors and mild temperatures. So, you have all the seasons which give you tons of options for many outdoor activities. And that is not all. Go to your local tourist center or your municipality for more information about great opportunities about leisure time in Cleveland.

Let us know how helpful was this moving guide to you. Share your moving to Cleveland story!


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