Getting Ready For The Big Move? – Moving Checklist

Millions of Americans move each year and most do it in the summer. Finding and moving to a new home is not an easy task. Despite the fact that you may be counting on a moving company or moving by yourself, moving needs good organization in order to get it done right. Finding a new home is a whole adventure. Moving to the new home for most is an extension to that adventure. However, moving is a completely separate journey that engages us mentally and physically. To have a successful move after finding the desired new house or apartment, we need to follow certain steps. Here we will provide you with a moving to the new home checklist.

 Moving To A New Home Checklist

After going through the process of selling your old house and buying new one, or simply looking for the right apartment for rent, you will need to start thinking about the moving process. Don not stress too much and just follow your moving checklist, and keep adding every task or question that comes up.

  • Once you have found the new home, decide on moving budget
  • Decide if you are hiring a moving company or moving yourself
  • Set the moving date and start researching moving companies
  • Get a few free moving estimates and compare rates and services – read about Relocation Pricing to get an idea
  • Do not go for the lowest price, consider quality moving service – read our “How To Choose a Moving Company”
  • Check the moving companies’ customers’ satisfaction rate and read moving reviews; request references
  • Ask for any specials or discounts on local or long distance moves or free storage
  • Discuss moving insurance options and rates, read more here.
  • Ask for any extra charges for fuel, wrapping and packing and long distance carry fees
  • Consider your schedule when choosing moving pick up and delivery dates
  • If you are moving cross-country, make travel arrangements for the family
  • Arrange for utilities transfer and address change – consider utilities turn off and on dates (for the new home turn on a day prior arriving) – file change of address with the USPS and IRS; inform your doctors, insurance providers, banks etc.
  • Start collecting moving boxes and supplies (tape, plastic and bubble wrap etc.)
  • Check all rooms and separate things you are not moving – have garage sale or donate these items
  • Mark down all items that need special packing and handling
  • Start packing less utilized items and clothes (pack winter clothes if it’s summer)
  • Label all boxes that you have packed
  • Start eating up all perishable foods and do not buy too much, you don’t want to transport food
  • Collect cleaning supplies in a box so you have them handy at moving day

A Week Before The Moving Checklist

  • Confirm change of address and utilities transfer
  • Withdraw cash so you have for the moving day
  • Pack some personal care items for the moving in the new home day
  • Clean as much of your home as you can; consider cleaning the fridge
  • If you have two bathrooms, stop using one and clean it
  • Let the moving company know of any changes in the inventory
  • Confirm the moving from and to addresses with the moving company

Moving Day Last Preparations

  • Get up early and make sure all is the way you want it
  • Call to confirm the time movers will arrive
  • Have water and drinks in the fridge for you and the movers
  • Make sure you have collected any important documents
  • Pack all valuables and jewelry in a safe place in your luggage – do not give anything of that to the movers
  • Once the movers arrive give instructions for special handling
  • Read your Bill of Lading carefully and ask if you have any questions
  • Do not stand in the way of the movers, let them do their job, but be available for questions
  • Once everything is loaded make sure you have the driver’s cell phone number
  • Tip your movers according to the moving industry tipping etiquette
  • Do one last walk of the house and check that, heat, gas AC is turned off
  • Hop on the car and head to your new home. Drive safe!

Do not throw away your moving checklist as most likely you have written important notes about the old and new homes. Make sure you haven’t forgotten something and if you have, refer to your moving to the new home checklist. If you have any moving and packing tips check out our Tips section.

Let us know how you move went and if you have used a moving checklist.


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