Moving Guide Tampa – Tampa Before and Now

Tampa Bay

Beautiful Tampa Bay

Tampa Now – Moving GuideEverything began long time ago… when the Spanish explorers arrived to the Americas. Tampa’s native inhabitants were pushed away or disappeared while the explorers were slowly taking over the bay area. After the United States purchased Tampa from Spain and after the Civil War, the reconstruction of Tampa began. Tampa was small fishing village, but its prosperity was not late to arrive. In the mid 1880s after building major land links and railroads that reached Tampa’s port helped the city to become bustling town that grew to one of the biggest cities in Florida by 1900. Later in the beginning of the 20th century the cigar industry in Tampa picked up and it was contributing greatly to the area’s prosperity. During the mid and late 20th century Tampa grew once again due to the World War II. Air force bases and airports were building quickly, which spurred a major expansion of the city in population and wealth.

Now, a continuous development might not be happening in Tampa, but it still remains a highly desirable place to live. That is why Tampa Movers of E-Z Movers is always busy.  The city geographical location and climate allow for year around activities and fun. This warm weather is a driving relocation force for many companies’ headquarters or offices. Tampa’s climate is humid, subtropical, with hot summers and occasional light winter freeze brought by cold northern fronts. The last snow accumulation in Tampa was in January 19, 1977. Thus, now you can proceed with your plans for relocation to Tampa as there will be no snow, only stretches of white beaches and beautiful sunsets for you to enjoy.

A diverse population was drawn to Tampa due to the warm climate and ocean views. The population of the city in 2010 was 335,709, while the Greater Tampa Area has around 4 million people. In 2008 the city was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes and the outdoors continues to draw new transplants every year. The bay area is the largest open water estuary in Florida with four major rivers flowing in. The port of Tampa is the largest in Florida and consistently ranks among the top ten nationwide in trade activity.

Tampa Public Transportation – Moving Guide

Tampa Streetcar

Tampa Streetcars are the most famous public transportation.

Getting around in the city of Tampa is quite easy and enjoyable in fact. You can of course rent a car as most have convenient locations for pick up and return. There are four major highways that surround the city as one of them extends to a bridge that crosses over to the city of St. Petersburg and then back to the main land. The Hillsborough County provides extensive bus service separating it into local, Commuter express and Trollies. Bus transportation is not very popular in Tampa, despite its affordability. More popular, especially among tourists are the Streetcars. These are electric and run on fixed tracks. Unlike them,Tampa also has Trolleys. They are made to look like the Streetcars, but run on diesel and are flexible to have more stops.

Career Opportunities in Tampa – Moving To TampaShipping, national defense, tourism and real estate all play a vital role in Tampa’s economy. Several Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in the metro area including TECO Energy, Raymond James Financial, Well Care Health Plans and more. Thus, there are diverse opportunities for career realization. Popular employers are Chase and Citigroup, as well as MetLife. Yet MacDill Air Force Base still remains a major employer in the area The base is home to the headquarters of United States Central Command and US Special Operations Command. Tourism too remains a highly active sector as it employs seasonal workers every summer. The average salary depends on your level of education and experience, but it  is around $35,00-$40,00 per year.

So far you have quite a few reasons to consider relocating to Tampa. Yet, we will include a few more in out Tampa Moving Guide and then will give you a few good moving tips.

Housing Market in TampaHouse on the waterfront is something for which most of us can dream. In Tampa it is very achievable, as the housing in the area is affordable. The average listing price is $280,000, but the average sale price goes down to $110,000. Yet all this depends on the house construction building permit. The older the house, the cheaper it get and you can find great two bedrooms, two baths house for around $100,000.  Compare to the last year the median home sale price has decreased 6.2% and the number of sales has increased by 20%. Hence, once you have found a job you can start looking for you waterfront house or condo.

Moving Guide Tampa Helps You Get Started

Now, that you have found a job in Tampa and a nice sunny home it is time to think about the moving process. There are many things to consider when you are moving. We will list the basics here and then if you have more questions you can refer to our moving tips and ask here sections. So, there are few major things to think about when hiring a moving company and making relocation plans:

  • Check the moving company legitimacy – DOT and license numbers etc
  • Never choose a moving company based on the lowest quote
  • Get free moving estimates from a few moving companies
  • Compare the rates and the moving services they offer
  • Always ask for specials and discounts that may save you money
  • Ask your friends and relatives for references,
  • Check the moving companies rating with the BBB and other entities
  • Ask the moving companies for references and read moving reviews
  • Check for any additional fees the movers may impose on you
  • Ask about basic liability protection and additional insurance
  • Always read all the papers you are signing

Follow these basic steps to ensure that you hire a legitimate moving company. You need to stay organized when moving and it is important for the sake of your sanity and to ensure smooth relocation. See our detailed moving checklist that will help you plan your move. The summer is the busiest season for the moving industry so, by researching carefully you will make sure to get the best deal and quality moving service. You may want to look for local for you moving companies that will offer to come and do an in-house estimate.

Most Tampa movers are also well known for their quality moving services and professionalism. This is the only way to get a binding estimate that will allow you to stick to your budget. Saving money is important, especially today when most of us are on a budget. However, keep in mind that you get what you paid for and always consider professional moving companies that will offer quality moving services. This motto applies to any product or service we are purchasing, and so it does for the moving services.There Is More Moving Guide Tampa Can’t Fit, So…Find OutHaving learned some major facts about Tampa and how to move to Tampa, now it is time to start planning.

Start looking for a job and a home in the area, and remember, stay positive. By being positive we attract positive energy that will help us create or discover out path. Tampa is great city to relocate as it offers quality lifestyle at an affordable price. Don’t forget though that we did not fit all the interesting facts in our Tampa moving guide so, on your way to Tampa hit more facts. When you hop on a plane and head to Tampa read more about the amazing nature, local attractions, festivals and fiestas as there are many of them year around. There is an endless list of things to do in the area and once you move to Tampa, you will discover a whole new world and way of living.


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