E-Z Movers Accepts The Mo Challenge

Movember Is Officially Here and E-Z Movers Mo team Is Kicking In! 

People give for different reasons. In November E-Z Movers give to fight cancers that affect men! E-Z Movers team members (Mo Bros) took the challenge and will participate in this year Movember campaign.

What is Movember? Movember happens in November, and it is the time when men and women (Mo Bros and Mo Sistas) join efforts to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues – specifically cancers that affect men. How do we do that? In Movember, to become part of the initiative, men commit to grow a moustache and to focus on spreading awareness and raising funds for men’s health issues. E-Z Movers Mo team will grow their Moustaches during the month of November, 2011 and all the funds we raise will go to Movember.com. All funds raised for Movember USA, raised in the U.S. go to LIVESTRONG Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation. Check this web page  for more information.

E-Z Movers Leading Mo Bros Who Started the Movember Campaign at E-Z Movers:

Mo Bro Steve, E-Z Movers Movember Team, Movember Pictures 2011

Mike Tae, E-Z Movers Movember Team and Movember Pictures 2011

During the month of Movember we will encourage all our customers to sign up and start their own Mo campaign or become part of E-Z Movers Mo Team. Moreover, besides the fact that we will invite our customers to join the fight for men’s health in the month of Movember 2011, we will actually ask them to donate on the day of the move.

For each local move we make in Chicago in November, 2011 we will match-donate up to $1.00. And, as one of the top ten Chicago Moving Companies we expect to make quite many  local moves in Chicago ! That’s not all E-Z Movers Mo team will do though! We will host great fundraising parties and invite friends, family and customers to join our effort to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues.

Why Is E-Z Movers joining the Movember Movement?

E-Z Movers’ motivation is simple. The moving industry is men driven and the man’s power is the main driving force. Thus, we stand behind our men (and women of course, but Movember is for men) and want to support this great cause that will help millions of men around the world get screened and treatment on time. This is huge because a new prostate cancer case is diagnosed every 2 min around the world; 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with that cancer in their lifetime, just like 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime!

Occurrence of prostate cancer in men is entirely comparable to rates if breast cancer in women. We are just not aware of that statistics. However, the Movember movement has been picking up in the last two years, as men’s health is just as important as women’s. Further reason for the growing of the movement is because men are less likely to schedule a doctor’s appointment and stay in touch with the doctor, which prevents them from the chance of early detection and effective treatment thereafter. Thus, E-Z Movers Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will support the Movemebr movement and continuously work on raising awareness and funds throughout the month and the year.


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