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Moving to a different country could be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life!

Moving to a different country may sound scary to many of us, yet today more than ever before many take upon the challenge to move to a foreign country. You should not be afraid and remember that it is very much like when you move up from middle to high school – building, people, teachers, chairs, desks, generally familiar subjects and objects, yet everything is new. Every time we embark on a new challenge we fear the unknown we will face, and moving abroad is much like a jump into an abyss many would say. However, there are a few major steps you can take before moving out of the country so it doesn’t feel like falling down, but lifting up. Just like for any other move, you will need your moving abroad checklist. Planning is required for any type of moving, and it is even a must when moving abroad.

Steps To Consider When Moving Abroad

Decide Where You Want to Move Abroad – Continent and Country

First things first people say! Choose your destinations carefully. Why do you want to move? What do you want to do? Do you know somebody there who can help you get started? Is it considered or you are just bored? No matter the reason though, choose your new home carefully.

What do you know about the country? Learn more, never stop learning!

Learn more about the customs and culture of the chosen country. To learn the language is even more important. If the spoken language is foreign to you it may be difficult to get settled. Make sure you take some beginners lessons if that’s the case. This will help you adapt easily and prevent a culture shock. Adaptation through education!

Visit the country before moving abroad!

International move

Check for off peak season dates when tickets are cheaper!

Go on a holiday and spend at least a week in the country you have chosen. Despite the abundance of information you can find online, reading and watching is not quite the as visiting. You have to see it with your eyes and feel it with your senses. When you get there (wherever that may be!) do not stick to the tourist areas. Get off track and mix with the locals to get the real feeling and understand what you will be getting yourself into. This will help you build your own moving abroad guide, but you can still get some moving tips.

Do research about the country and how to move abroad!

Do research before and after the visit. The research in advance will make your exploration smoother. You will start off with some knowledge, but do take everything with a grain of salt and once there trust your senses more. Seeing is believing people say, but to really see you will have to feel the place and the people, do not let yourself assume ( I will explain what assume means in another post!). Thus, get your hands on the job having being there read more, watch educational and exploration programs and talk to people.

To do while you are visiting the country

New country

Immigrating to a foreign country requires courage and free spirit!

When you go abroad for vacation and to explore your future homeland you should visit the local authorities. Check in with the mayor’s office, immigration services if there are any in the city you have chosen and your embassy if there is one. If you can’t locate important authorities such as immigration office, go to the closest city where there is an office and get some information and forms first hand. Many developing countries still do not provide all information online, so you may have to go and visit in person. Your country’s embassy will be able to help you with the immigration process as well.

To be continued.

Let E-Z Movers know if you have any questions about immigration and moving abroad. Expect next article on that topic soon!


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