Moving Hearts, Not Just Houses

Merry Christmas from E-Z Movers

Marry Christmas from E-Z Movers

Every move E-Z Movers makes has inherited change in it. We just help with the physical transition. And that is what usually people ask from us. It happens that we do not truly understand each change and its bearer, thus the moving experience sometimes can be seen as less personalized attention. And we always tell our customers, it is nothing personal, we do want to be your friend and help you move. Then, we make so many moves and work with so many different types of people who often the standard approach is the best. Yet we understand that moving to a new home, new city or state is a huge step in many people’s lives. And we do what it takes to help them move.

“Often people are moving their hearts, while we are moving their houses.”

We at E-Z Movers very well know that this is part of life today. In 2011 we moved thousands of families and we saw that life has never been more mobile than it is today. Change is part of life, but in order to change people say you have to let go of some old gears (and fears) and move on. Take the chance and take the charge. E-Z Movers can help you if you need, but it is all in your hands. Start dreaming and start now! Christmas is the time to believe in miracles people say, but we would suggest it is the time to believe in you.

You can create miracles because the sheer fact that you get up every morning to go to work, school or to take care of your children proves you are capable of creating. Respect the traditions and believes of Christmas, but remember that traditions are not what they were. Remember those miracles happen if we want them to happen, but most importantly if we work for them. Nothing is granted in life. Life itself was not granted to us. Someone wanted us to be here, on this earth – your mom and dad for example – and they worked for that.

Have a Marry Little …Holiday!

Enjoy Holiday season

To move on..let yoursefl be found.

Allow yourself to have a holiday, but don’t assume that Christmas miracles happen. Enjoy the flow of life, but take control. That’s how EZ Does it! We know the flow, but we always take control and charge of our actions.

Don’t take that about Christmas talk wrong though. We are not trying here to devalue the magic of Christmas. We are just being realistic. That is what we tell our customers – we understand it is complex and it will cost you something, but you know you have to move. The time of moving in life is the time of giving and taking. You are giving up something, but that way you are also taking the future in your hands. In the Bible it is said,

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.”


Moving is about seeing the light in the end of the tunnel, even when it’s out of sight.

We would like to say, it simply means that you have to take action and thus only you will move on. EZ Does it! We take actions and this is how we move you across the street or across the country. The same applies for everything in life.

Whether it is a relationship you have to end or a new job you need to seek. If you want to be happy and move on, you have to let go of the person and let yourself be found by the new one. It is the smallest action, to let yourself be found, but it still requires you to act. The letting go often is the hardest part, but then times heals everything.

If you are not content with your current job, start seeking a new one. We know it is not easy in this economy, but there is a way. You may have to get some new qualification, obtain a certificate, take a class, but you can do it. It is all about taking the charge and acting. This is how you move. Life is impermanence and we can’t be truly happy if we don’t realize that and learn to keep moving. EZ Does it!We wish you to keep moving and find your happiness because it is out there waiting!


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