Moving To Boston Guide

Boston has unique architecture and European spirit!

Moving to Boston – the city of schools? Here is what to expect!

Relocating to a new city is always exciting, but a little scary as well. A change in our life and routine could be quite stressful and intimidating. Statistics say that moving is the second most stressful experience in life after divorce. It turns your world up side down and the whole order that kept us going disappears. Thus, an organized and professional moving will help you stay sane during this stressful time in your life. Consider hiring professional relocation company that will save you time and in many cases money.

Moving is not easy, and therefore not cheap for sure, but there are always ways to save on moving expenses. Moreover, in some cities moving labor is more expensive than others so you have to make your research and then compare moving companies’ rates and services. Boston has higher living standard and hence higher moving rates. This is of course in comparison to for example Chicago, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and other smaller cities. The more expansive the city the higher the labor cost. Of course there are more factors effecting the cot of moving and in Boston such is the fact that the city is one of the oldest in the US. This often creates inconveniences when maneuvering in the downtown area. However, this is just a little issue because experienced Boston movers will have no problem with this. The fact is that moving in general doesn’t come cheap. If you want to preserve your household or office goods, do not ever consider the cheapest movers because often they are not the most reliable.

Moving To Boston – Cost of Living

If you are moving to Boston from New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco Boston will somehow look less expansive. Yet, compare to other major cities in the US, Boston is more expensive. If you are moving from Chicago to Boston, you may be shocked by the higher cost of living. However, depending on the type of your job, a higher salary will compensate the higher prices.


The first shocker will be the cost of homes and apartments. Whether you are buying or renting, the cost are quite steep, yet there is a wide range of sizes and styles in Boston. As most of us know, Boston is one of the most European cities in the US and you can find great European style buildings. You can find everything from the typical 4 story, brown bricks buildings to variety of modern high rises in and around downtown area. Boston architects can definitely successfully compete with Chicago and the rest of the country.

State and City Taxes

This is the first aspect to consider when talking about cost of living. The state and city taxes, along with the income tax, are what will affect the cost. Massachusetts is one of those states that have a single rate throughout the state. The sales tax is 6.25 %, however, the city can tax additionally which is what drives the cost high in many states across the US. The city can add additional 2.00 or more percent, which makes Massachusetts one of the most expensive states in New England. New York tops all of course.

Average Salary in Boston

The average salary in Boston is among the highest in the country. Considering the fact that Boston has the highest concentration of universities in the US, it is not no wonder it has the highest paying job concentration as well. The average salary in Boston is close to $80.000, but based on your occupation it could be $90.000.

Boston:ocean view

Captivating sunsets can be seen all over Boston area!

Boston –  Entertained and Culturally Enriched!

So far we’ve covered some of the most important parts of living in Boston. Yet there are other aspects of living in Boston that deserve mentioning. Boston has its fair share of entertaining its citizens. In fact Boston has rich history and amazing nightlife. There are numbers of museums and art galleries, as well us cafes and night clubs. It also offers great beaches for summer relaxation and fun around the city. The weather can be quite unpredictable in New England thus most tourism happens in the summer. Summer tends to be nice but varies each year. Fall season though offers even better conditions for tourism and just enjoying the beauty of the city and the nature. Thus, moving to Boston you should know that this city is rich in history and city management support development of all aspects in order to satisfy citizens of all ages and walks of life.

Reliable Boston Moving Services – how to find them?

Now that you have decided to move to Boston, you will need professional movers to help you do the shift. Just like when searching for a job and a new home in Boston, you will have to put some effort and find reliable Boston movers. Moving is not easy and doesn’t come cheap. If you get quality and prompt service you have to consider quality and prompt movers.

How to find reliable Boston movers? Well, good movers are everywhere you just need to verify that and there are ways. First, find some local to you movers and then some Boston movers and get a few quotes. When you start talking to the moving companies first thing you should consider is the way the consultant is talking to you. Follow if the moving agent is giving you all the information you need and asks is you have any questions. Then, ask how long the company has been operating and request referrals. Contact the referrals because this will definitely give you an insight of the mover operates.

Another thing you can do is read moving reviews on the various customers rating boards. Price is never the factor deciding in favor. Do not ever go for the cheapest option because those are usually rogue movers. Try to avoid moving scam by not hiring the most affordable movers because this never means the best quality moving service. Boston movers are quite popular with offering quality moving and storage services across the nation. Thus, consider a few Boston moving companies and choose wisely. Think about your moving needs and requirements and pick those Boston movers who can match your criteria.

Let us know if you have any question on how to find reliable Boston movers or would like to add anything about living in Boston. Good luck!


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