Moving to New York Guide

New York, Manhattan

The most beautiful skyline in the U.S. – New York City

New York City Moving Guide

Moving is difficult that’s for sure because it means change. Change is always difficult no matter what we are talking about. We get attached to things easily and when we have to let something go we usually can’t do it as easily. To feel at home is something all of us strive for and thus work hard to build a home. Hence when we have to relocate our home we shiver only at the though of it. Whether you own a home or rent a place, you get used it and a transition to a new location means discomfort and a chaos. Now imagine moving to New York! Moving to “the city that never sleeps” is quite a challenge. There is a lot  (including choosing reliable New York Movers) to be considered and researched before moving to New York.

First things First …. New York City Cost of Living!

If you are moving to NYC, from anywhere in the country (except San Francisco may be), be prepared for a shock. The cost of living in New York is very high. Depending on your salary of course, you may not feel it that much. But the overall cost of living is high. The city and state taxes are high, the housing prices are high, the cost of food is high and parking in Manhattan is expensive (though Chicago now tops the parking taxes). Thus, research all aspects of living in New York City before moving and definitely find a job first.

Job Hunting in NYC – Competitive!

Moving to a new city without a job would be difficult, whether it is New York or any other city in the US. You may even have to make a pre-move trip for a job interview and hunting. Do it! Even if you have to go over your budget, do it anyway. In today’s economy securing a job is the single most important thing when moving. Moving to New York means tons of expenses from the minute you set foot in the city. If you don’t have a job to keep you afloat, or good amount of cash in your packets, you will soon find yourself regretting the decision to move to NYC. Thus, get on this first and check websites like Indeed New York and Craigslist New York  if you haven’t gotten your offer yet.

Next – Apartment hunting in New York

Apartment hunting in NYC could be a bit intimidating. Housing will be your biggest expense in New York, thus you have to carefully consider your options. The prices vary greatly by neighborhood as the most expensive areas are in Manhattan of course. For one bedroom expect to pay somewhere between $2000 and $2500 rent a month, and up for two bedroom. Second biggest expense after housing is probably parking. As much as you may be used to having a car, moving to New York you will most likely have to get rid of it. The monthly fees for garage start from $400 and if you have extra cash you can certainly enjoy the luxury.

New York City Public Transportation – Use it!

New York City

Moving to New York could be a big change, but quality movers can help you!

When you move to New York, you will most likely sell your car. Thus, your next most convenient option to get around the city is public transportation. Although you will enjoy closeness of grocery stores, coffee shops and the like, you will need transportation to work. It would be best if your new home is located by the same bus or subway line that takes you straight to work. The subway pay-per-ride fare is $2.25, but NYC public transpiration offers variety of passes.

Moving to New York – New York Movers

When you get close to the time to schedule your move to NYC, you will have to contact a few New York movers. Moving can be challenging and in order to have a successful relocation you need to consider a few things. Sure the moving cost will be your biggest concern, but don’t choose a mover because of the low estimate. Get a few moving quotes, check movers references and affiliations and then talk to them before you decide.

New York is not like any other city. Traffic is non stop, parking can be intimidating and you have to hire experienced movers to do the job. There are parking permits that reliable movers will take care of instead of you.  Consider New York movers who have years of experience and whose moving agents give you all the details about a move to New York City.

Reserve an elevator. In order for the movers to do their job efficiently you have to reserve your building elevator in advance and accordingly to the delivery time frame. Make sure you stay in touch with your movers, especially if moving long distance. Most buildings in NYC require the moving company to provide certificate of insurance in case any damages occur during the moving. Make sure the movers have sent you that before the moving has started.

New York City moving cost can be higher compare to other cities. New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so it is no surprise that the moving cost will also be high. However, the cost will depend on the type of your move. If you are moving locally the movers will charge by the hour and by the weight or cubic feet if moving cross-country. There is usually a minimum amount you have to pay whether moving locally or long distance. Ask your movers about that. Some moving companies offer flat rates for popular destinations. Such are Boston to New York or Chicago to New York. Many movers travel these routes often and that’s why they have established flat rate fees to accommodate customers moving in that direction.

Have a safe move to The City That Never Sleeps! if you need more tips on how to choose a reliable moving company browse through this blog to find a lot of useful information. Be sure you hire quality New York Movers who will make the process stress free because the mere thought of moving to NYC could be stressful enough.


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