E-Z Movers: The funniest stories about moving

Chicago SKyline Moving is a fragile thing. Anyone who has attempted it, hopefully successfully, can tell you that it takes lots of time, organization and muscles. Packing and moving takes a lot of elbow grease, especially if you don’t use a moving company like Chicago Movers of E-Z Movers.

These types of high-stress situations can result in experiences that – at the time – are hellish. Sometimes those experiences remain labeled as such for all of eternity.

But sometimes, rarely, they end up being hilarious inside jokes. With over 15 years of successful moves under our belt, E-Z Movers had the opportunity to witness several of these in the making. It’s our experience that these funny situations usually fall into one of three categories:

Defenseless Creatures

Like a cat packed in a box. Everyone’s heard about it, but we’ve seen it. At one move site our client had already started packing. We assisted with the remainder of the packing and had begun moving her belongings to the truck. That’s when one of our movers noticed his box was shaking. Inside the completely taped and packed box was the frightened feline. The client was very apologetic to her pet.

We’ve also heard about a couple that lost one of their children along the way. Both parents thought the other had the youth, who was left sleeping in a hotel on the second day of the moving trip. When the parents realized their child was missing they returned to the hotel. The teenager was still asleep.

In Transit

Especially when not using a moving company, lots of things can go wrong during a cross-state or cross-country move. Even a cross-city move can be riddled with challenges. Especially when moving in Chicago, Boston or other older cities with tight alleyways; city restrictions on moving day are rigorous.  We’ve witnessed people block off moving-truck parking spots with lawn chairs, bed frames, and even lazy-boys. When you use EZ-Movers, we take care of all these requirements, so you can leave your furniture in your home for us to load.

Cross-country is no easy task, either. We’ve heard a story from a friend about nearly running out of gas during a cross-country trip due to finding one gas station after another closed for the night. After a calamity-Jane series of misfortunes (including the truck audibly beeping at them every second) they finally found diesel and now live to laugh about it.

The Destination

Moving to a new home is stressful even if it’s been personally selected. But when you’re arriving site-unseen, like some corporate relocations, things get tricky. We’ve had trucks arrive at what appeared to be the correct address (given by the client), only to find a retail store, a hospital, and even once there was no building at all!

Do you have any funny or memorable moving stories? Share them with us in the comments below or on our facebook page! We’d love to hear your experiences, and help you avoid situations like this in the future.


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