E-Z Movers: Celebrating National Moving Month

E-Z Movers: Moving Season

Source: AMSA Industry Trends, 2009

Nearly 45 percent of all U.S. residential moves annually take place between the months of May and August (see Industry Trends, 2009 as an example). To kick off the moving busy season, we celebrate the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)-sponsored National Moving Month in May.

With the kids almost out of school for the summer, is your family planning to join the 45 percent by moving in the coming months? If so, take a look below at our five steps to a stress-free move. Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, Chicago Movers of E-Z Movers can help you plan the perfect move.

Five Steps to a Smooth Move

5. Make a list. Or use ours. Check out our checklist of things to do one month before, two weeks before, one week before and on moving day to make sure you don’t forget anything. Important tasks to check off early include notifying your professional moving company as far in advance as possible, and doing an inventory of your furniture and belongings. This will ensure your moving company has all the information they need to make the move an easy one. Having a comprehensive list of your entire household will make sure nothing is lost or forgotten.

4. Notify all close friends and family of your move in person. Whether you’re celebrating a new job, a new home or simply a new chapter in your life, sharing it with your loved ones in person will give them the opportunity to process this major change and ask any questions they may have. It also gives you the chance to socialize with these important people one more time before the big move.

3. Get your personal information in order while you’re still in town. Don’t forget to close bank accounts, collect copies of medical and veterinary records, cancel local newspaper or magazine subscriptions, cancel gym memberships and roll over any employer-managed 401(k)s into independent IRAs. These things can become troublesome when you’re no longer in the city to handle them in person.

2. Take advantage of your city.  Sure, you’re leaving for good reason, but right before you move is a great reason to visit your favorite restaurant, see one last sporting event or just go for a nice long walk in a nearby park. Now is the time to appreciate what you’re leaving so you can enjoy where you’re going.

1. Try to relax. After you’ve contracted with a professional moving company you trust, like Chicago Movers of E-Z Movers, and completed your moving checklist, sit back and try to relax. Relocating is a stressful change, but consciously managing your anxiety, and working with professional movers you can rely on, will ensure you have a perfect move.

Do you, or someone you love, plan to move this month or anytime between now and August? Chicago Movers of E-Z Movers wants to help make your move an easy one. Visit us online during National Moving Month to get a free estimate!


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