Famous Movies Shot in Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Boston, and Cincinnati

Some of the most popular movie locations in the USA are the cities of Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Boston, and Cincinnati. Even though there are numerous other places around the U.S. where popular Hollywood and even international films have been shot, these destinations are our top picks.

However, these cities are famous not only because of the movies that were shot here. They’re way up in the charts when it comes to choices for relocation because of educational, business and other opportunities that the cities offer.

Moving companies in Chicago, Washington DC Movers, professional moving services in New York, Boston Movers and Cincinnati Movers along with many other services providers are always involved in a flurry of activities owing to the high percentage of inter and intrastate moving within these places. Coming back to the topic of discussion, let us take a look at popular movies shot at these places.

Famous movies shot in Chicago

Chicago: beautiful viewFilmmaking and cinema go back a long way in Chicago’s history, dating back to the time of the first motion picture camera being manufactured in 1895. The production and showing of movies in Chicago was started by William Selig in 1897.

Dark Knight is a spectacular movie taking you in and out of the cityscape of Chicago. The movie was shot at 34 different locations in Chicago. This movie was the swan song of Heath Ledger. If you ever move to Chicago or visit the city during holidays, make it a pint to visit the famous bar Twin Anchors, which was also featured in Dark Knight. Chicago lives up an every bit as Batman’s Gotham City.  Brach’s Candy factory was actually the Gotham General Hospital in the movie, which was completely demolished in one shot.

The Fugitive takes you into the heart of Chicago with Harrison Ford being hounded through the St Patrick’s Day Parade and Cook County Hospital. This American thriller was based on a TV series called The Fugitive. Some of the scenes were shot in the remains of the Chicago Freight tunnels and in the Pullman neighborhood. Chicago Memorial is also featured in the movie.

Some of the other popular movies shot in Chicago are Barbershop, Road to Perdition, Public Enemies, Primal Fear, High Fidelity, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Home Alone and The Untouchables.

Famous movies shot in Washington DC

More than 185 movies have scenes (if not the entire movie) that have been shot in DC. This city is very popular among movie-makers because of the famous memorials, monuments, military administration offices, political institution, and investigative journalism offices located here.

The Exorcist is the most famous horror movie of all times.  It will always remain one the iconic films of this genre. It was shot against the backdrop of the Georgetown University. Some scenes were also shot in upscale Georgetown.

Clint Eastwood’s In The Line Of Fire is a quintessential Washington DC movie, where he plays the role of a secret service agent. Old Ebbits Grille in the city has grown in popularity since scenes in the movie were shot here.

Other famous movies shot in Washington DC worth mentioning are Clear and Present Danger, Mars Attacks, Spy Game, The Sum of All Fears, The American President, Along Came a Spider, Born Yesterday, Houseboat Legally Blonde 2, and National Treasure.

Famous Movies Shot in New York

New York: beautiful viewNew York is indeed one of the most cinematic cities of the world and this is also one of the major reasons why many aspiring actors and film professionals move to New York to build and amazing career here. The city has the most diverse and appealing film locations, which is a director’s absolute delight. Locales including the subways, Washington Square Park, Queensboro Bridge, Central Park, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, and Times Square are featured in several Hollywood movies.

The Avengers is, of course, fresh in our minds since the movie was released just recently. The league of superheroes all set out in defense of New York City is a stunning feast for the eyes especially when watched in 3D. The New York skyline and cityscape were brilliantly explored in the shots. This movie leaves no stone unturned in thrilling the audience.

Among other New York based movies is Sex and the City, which featured locales including Bryant Park, Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain, City Bakery, and Restaurant Florent in the city.

Law and Order, Spider Man 2, Wall Street, Requiem for a Dream, Ghostbusters, Independence Day, When Harry Met Sally, Escape from New York, Ice Age, The Apocalypse, I Am Legend, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Wanderlust, The Smurfs, Salt and Eat, Pray Love are a few of the other unforgettable movies filmed in New York.

Famous Movies Shot in Boston

Boston: a great place to liveSome of the best Boston movies are the ones that are not just shot in the city, but the ones that are actually based on the essence of Boston. Boston’s vibrancy makes people identify with the city.

One of the most famous movies shot in Boston is the Leonardo Di Caprio-starred movie – The Departed. This movie explores several strains of Boston including the Irish mob and the Beantown police. Good Will Hunting again is a classic showing the prominent class lines that are drawn out through the city. Starring Matt Damon, this movie won an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay.

A few more worth mentioning movies shot in Boston would be The Verdict, Mystic River, Next Stop Wonderland, Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and The Boondock Saints. The Social Network can also be counted as a famous movie shot in Boston.

Famous Movies Shot in Cincinnati

There are a number of movies that have made Cincinnati famous. Rain Man, Eight Men Out, Milk Money, Airborne, Little Man Tate, Traffic and Reason to Believe are some of them. Ides of March was partly filmed in Cincinnati while the opening shot of The Asphalt Jungle was filmed here. The prominent skyline of Cincinnati has not only been a feature of many movies but is also used in theatre and daytime drama. Rain Man made the Ohio River Bridge pretty famous and it is remembered even till this day for that particular sequence.

Do you know any other movies shot in these cities? Share your ideas on our blog.


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