Moving to Florida – Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, or Palm Beach

Beautiful beaches of FloridaWe have put together a few fascinating facts about some of the most popular destinations people have been moving to in the past years. As the trend continues, it seems like Florida Movers will not be out of work as even more people are expected to move to places such as Tampa Bay, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Palm Beach this year. Information below will give you an idea about what makes these destinations stand out, and who knows, it might even inspire some of you to pack your bags and get, set, go….

The top reasons to move to Florida

Moving to Florida and living in the Sunshine State is an absolute delight. There are many reasons for such a statement. First reason is the weather! It’s heaven out there with mild winters and warm, balmy summers. How can you not love that golden glowing tan Florida has to offer?

Talking of tan, we come to the reason number two – the beaches! No matter where in Florida you choose to live, the beach is almost always there.

Next reason to move to Florida is affordable houses. Obviously, Florida is not the cheapest state in the U.S., but considering all the other advantages of the place, you can still afford to buy a decent home. Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, or  Miami Movers will make things easier by giving you great prices on all types of packing and moving services.

Let’s move on to the next reason, and that one is especially related to all fun-lovers. Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Sea World, Silver Springs Nature Park, Key Largo Undersea Park & Molasses Reef and much more to entertain you and keep the adrenaline pumping are in Florida.

Sigh! Florida is just a delight. Period. From the beaches, the weather, fishing, excellent healthcare options, active lifestyle, great education and job opportunities, Florida brings so much on your plate, more than you could probably eat!

Let’s look at some of the dream destinations in Florida.


Miami is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world and it is indeed a tropical paradise. Did you know that in 1944, a Miami Beach pharmacist, Benjamin Green, invented the first suntan lotion? The city was also ranked as the cleanest city in America by Forbes in 2008. Miami is home to the largest cruise ship in the world and it has a huge snow skiing club. Known as the Wreck Diving capital of the Americas, Miami sure attracts a lot of visitors and permanent residents who move here out of sheer fascination for the place.

Fort Lauderdale

This place is called the Venice of America because of its numerous canals.  Heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle? Well, Fort Lauderdale is considered to be the western corner of the Bermuda Triangle. When you move there, ask your Fort Lauderdale movers to drive you along the 23 miles of beach. A few more things you must see in Fort Lauderdale are the Swap Shop, the largest drive-in theater and the flea market.

Tampa Bay

Florida’s largest port is the port of Tampa Bay and the economy of the region relies largely on the billions of dollars flowing in from this sector.  There is a diverse array of things to do and attractions in Tampa including the famous Florida State Fairgrounds, Gulf Beaches, Ybor City, Florida Aquarium, Lowry Park Zoo. You will find numerous dining and shopping options in Tampa. Tampa Movers will be able to guide you to some of the best neighborhoods to settle down in.


Orlando has more than 25,000 vacation homes and rental properties located close to theme parks. It is also the second most popular domestic travel destination in the U.S. It is also one of the most popular places for relocation. Thus Orlando movers are never in dearth of business owing to the number of relocations each year. Orlando is fondly called the O-Town and The City Beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more.

Palm Beach and Fort Myers

Palm Beach movers are used to people moving in for extended long vacations because of the mild temperatures of the place throughout the year. You will find the highest number of golf courses in the States here – 147. Enjoy a host of colorful festivals and events in Palm Beach as well as in Fort Myers. The City of Palms Park in Fort Myers is a renowned place and it holds around 8000 people. Mike Greenwell, the former Red Sox left fielder from Boston is from Fort Myers.

So, taking a look at all of these fascinating facts is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, if you consider moving to any of these Florida destinations, you have to make your relocation in a planned manner. Hire professional movers to guide and assist you. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending too much time and efforts over a task that could be handled easily by moving companies in Florida. Be sure about the moving company you hire as a lot will depend on the experience, credibility and efficiency of your moving company. Set off to the sun, surf and sand of these amazing Florida destinations.


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