The Best Midwest Cities to Move To

map of the Midwest


People are moving to the Midwest every day. We recognize that Chicago is the first choice for people when moving to the Midwest because of its great opportunities; however, we have decided not to talk about Chicago and instead introduce a few other Midwest locations.


Milwaukee is the most traveled to the city in the Midwest. Milwaukee’s population is 594,833 in ranks 98.4 on the cost-of-living index with the average being 100. Many people travel to Milwaukee yearly for the largest music festival in the world, some of them decide to stay and call it home!

Milwaukee truly is an ideal mix of business and pleasure that charms visitors yearly. Numerous people enjoy the natural beauty that the city has to offer, the amazing parks, the nightlife, and the tourist destinations.

Once people visit Milwaukee they have a hard time not returning! If you are one of those people Milwaukee Movers of E-Z Movers guarantees the smoothest move possible.


Minneapolis is commonly referred to as the Twin Cities with a population of 382,578. It ranks 111.4 on the cost-of-living index with the average being 100. Minnesotans love their state because of the cleanliness, cultural activity, relatively low crime rates, and social awareness.

A 20 min. ride separates Minneapolis and St. Paul. Each city has its own style, character, and strengths.

Minneapolis offers the hustle and bustle of a big city yet the solitude of a smaller town. Enjoying an afternoon walking around Lake Harriet is often a favorite pastime. Minneapolis Movers will take care of all your moving needs ensuring you can enjoy the city!

Kansas City

Kansas City is a large Midwestern city on the border of both Missouri and Kansas. Kansas City has a population of 495,787. It ranks 98.4 on the cost-of-living index with the average being 100.

Kansas City is a hidden gem that tends to hide itself from tourists. There is no need to go to Paris if you’re looking for boulevards because Kansas City has more! Not only that but it also has more fountains than any other city in the world except for Rome, making it in an amazingly beautiful city to call home.

Kansas City is going to host the MLB All-Star game on July 10, 2012 for the first time in 39 years! If sports aren’t your thing you may want to visit the Sea Life Aquarium or Legoland! Kansas City Movers of E-Z Movers will help you select which side of the city is best for your personal preferences.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor offers a unique contrast between an electric urban city in a smaller city full of parks and trees. Ann Arbor has a population of 113,934 and it ranks 80 on the cost-of-living index the average being 100. Out of the cities mentioned Ann Arbor is the cheapest city to live in.

Residents of Ann Arbor have a variety of activities such as a large choice of restaurants, live music venues, and cultural activities. This town has been shaped and gone its character from the University of Michigan. Downtown Ann Arbor contains 12 blocks of brightly painted shops and cafés ensuring that even the most enthusiastic shopper can find “that” special item. Ann Arbor Movers of E-Z Movers will quickly and safely move your belongings to your home in no time!


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