Four Nomadic Cultures to Inspire Your Summertime Travels

Summertime travels in Florida

Beautiful Florida beach is a favorite destination for summertime travelers

The American tradition of beach-time cannot be more readily witnessed than in Florida. Populations in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami Beach and Orlando swell in summer, welcoming sun-worshippers of all ages.  Fort Lauderdale Movers, Tampa Movers, Orlando Movers, and Miami Beach Movers are kept busy each summer moving families and professionals into the sunshine.

The annual summer migration of Americans to water is not a new tradition. While modern travel focuses on relaxation, Americans and their many originating cultures have been nomadic for centuries. Here are a few traveling cultures from history that Florida-bound trans-plants may identify with:

  • American Indians: The original Americans traveling the country by season, American Indians were known to follow buffalo herds and other game. But they’ve also been documented living along the coasts and taking advantage of the gifts of the sea. Sound a little like modern day Floridians?
  • Summer Walkers (Indigenous Highland Travelers): These Gaelic-speaking travelers were also known as “tinkers” and upheld an important part of Scottish Highland culture by performing and teaching poetic songs of history. Think about these yodelers while selecting your annual song of summer on the way to Miami Beach and transmit your own family’s oral history.
  • Romani (the distinct ethnic group originating from India, known as Gypsies): These travelers took on all of Europe and were known for speaking their own language, keeping a tight knit community, and easily welcoming newcomers. When you make a friend at the beach in Fort. Lauderdale, remember the Romani Gypies and offer to share your shade umbrella.
  • Mercheros (Spanish Roma): Perhaps the most famous of this nomadic ethnic group is Eleuterio Sanchez, aka El Lute. After being convicted of armed robbery and murder he later went on to earn a law degree, write five books, and be granted a governmental pardon. Known for overcoming adversity through education, remember El Lute and the Mercheros this summer by remembering to pack your summer book list.

Have a favorite nomadic culture? Tell us about it or your own personal summer-time travels in the comments.


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