E-Z Movers marks moving trends in Florida

E-Z Movers, INC. reports today that Florida is, and is expected to remain, the top U.S. state for percent of moves in and out. Based on company and industry statistics, E-Z Movers projects that Florida will continue to produce the most moving-related business in the country for the next several years.

Recognizing a large increase in moves in and out of Florida within their own business, E-Z Movers moving services of Tampa and Orlando expect the trend to continue in the coming years. Industry statistics support this analysis; Movers.com recently reporting that Florida, followed by California, is the top state for moves-in since 2009. Additionally, Florida is also ranked first in top moves-out since 2009, showing a marked trend toward relocations from western and northeastern states to the southwestern state of Florida.

Speculations for such a shift from other historically high-traffic states, such as California and New York, include the mobility of both retirees and young people to the beach-lined state of Florida. Additional hypothesis include that during the recent economic recession, moves to and from traditionally high-ranking professional states and cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, have been halted while moves for retirement, education, and pleasure continue to remain steady and even increase.

“According to our statistics, E-Z Movers of Tampa and E-Z Movers of Orlando are seeing large increases in moves originating from and arriving in Florida. Our records show the reasons for these moves to be due to both retirement and young professionals seeking work or education. Based on the shifts in moves to and from cities in California to Florida, we expect to see more business in the southwest of the country, and are making moves to provide additional resources and materials in this area to handle the increased demand,” said E-Z Movers.

Florida cities reported as the highest move-in and move-out percentage in the country include Orlando, Tampa and Miami.


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