Midwest moving trends reported

The state of Illinois produces the highest percentage of moving business in the Midwest, reports E-Z Movers, Inc. 20 percent of all moves booked by E-Z Movers are from Chicago or the nearby suburbs. Midwest cities following Chicago in percent of business for the moving company include Milwaukee, Columbus, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Cleveland.

In addition to producing the most business for moving companies of Chicago, the city is also reported as one of the highest percentages of all moves in the nation. According to movers.com, Chicago was one of the top three U.S. cities for both moves in and moves out for 2011.

Overall, moves throughout the Midwest are increasing. As a result, moving companies in Chicago, Minneapolis movers, and moving services in St. Louis and other Midwestern cities are becoming popular. Industry experts suggest that high unemployment rates and a low rate of job prospects have led those living in industrial-based cities, such as Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis, to move in search of work. Those moving to the Midwest may be returning to their Midwestern roots after losing jobs or experiencing a high cost of living in cities in the Northeast and West.

“Our records show that most of our business comes from Chicago, which is also where we are headquartered. We have excellent customers in our hometown who like to refer their friends, and people are used to seeing our highly visible pink trucks throughout the city and suburbs. We are thrilled to be there when our Chicago neighbors need us, and are pleased to serve the rest of the Midwest and nation with quality, experienced moving service,” said E-Z Movers.


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