E-Z Movers Gets Five Star Review

We love online reviews. Citysearch, Superpages, and Google listings help us decide where to eat, what to buy and what to do. Trust is built when another person spends their money on the exact same product or service and gives it a positive review.

That’s why we’re so thankful for our great customers out there who have taken the time to give us great online reviews, such as TammyW584 who wrote that, “Movers were very prompt, friendly and courteous. Great value and service!” Thanks, TammyW584 for choosing E-Z Movers when you were selecting a moving company in Chicago! More of our five star reviews can be viewed here.

But you may notice that we have some not-so-great reviews out there, too. We strive to make every move a great one, but there may be legitimate situations where we fell short of our normal standard of excellence. When this happens we are quick to try to make it right. In addition, only 0.82% of E-Z Movers’ customers open complaints. We are really close to the Industry record in the service quality and will be actively pursuing the number one spot.

There are a couple reasons why you may find more negative reviews for movers across the industry – not just E-Z Movers – than positive reviews. According to a recent study, customers who feel strongly about a product or service, either positive or negative, are more likely to provide an online rating. This is called the Polarization Effect. Customers who had a normal or even good experience are less likely to post a review than those who had an extreme experience. The second reason is called the Selection Effect. This is when forum visitors are influenced by the reviews already there. So if there are only bad reviews, new customers are more likely to post additional negative reviews even if their experience was neutral or even good.

Despite these psychological effects, E-Z Movers is getting more and more good reviews everyday! Thanks for sharing your good experiences!


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