The Most Beautiful Cities in New England

The reasons for moving to a new place can be different – you want to relax and enjoy the much-needed rest post retirement, you want to seek better job opportunities for yourself, or you want to switch to a different lifestyle. Whatever might be the reason for your move, you must choose the new location after considering important factors like employment opportunities, economy, lifestyle, safety, education, and other factors.

Nowadays, one of the top spots for settling down is New England. It is said that this place has everything that one could want. Sports lovers can opt for skiing and a variety of other adventure sports while art lovers can spend their time visiting the museums and art galleries. Some of the best institutions are located here, so you don’t need to worry about your children’s education. The job opportunities are also promising.New Englandhas a low crime rate, which make it extremely suitable for families too.

Here are some of the most beautiful cities in New England:


Beautiful view of Boston

The housing options is slightly expensive in this city so you may have to be a little flexible when it comes to the budget. However, you get to choose from five-story brownstones in the Back Bay to Victorians in Jamaica Plain to triple-decker (three-story wooden structures where each floor is a separate apartment) in Dorchester and Roslindale. If you are moving to Boston permanently, it is advisable to invest in a home rather than rent it. Neighborhoods are classified into 3 categories such as the Big City, Inner Suburbs, and Outer Suburbs. The latter represents the classic suburban communities, most with some Ye Olde New Englande touch. The Big City has a mixture of urban and suburban crowd and there is a homely feeling here. The biggest advantage of the Inner Suburbs is that it is well-connected to the rest of the city in terms of transportation. It has well-developed subway lines, bus routes and commuter rail lines. Finance, education, and health care are the prime job sectors in Boston. Nightlife is good in this city, but people are more into history and art, so you will find ample museums and art galleries situated here. Call Boston moving companies and make your move easy and hassle-free – go online to find the listings!



Banking, finance, and health care jobs are simply flourishing here but that is not the only reason people are moving here. Residents here make newcomers feel extremely welcome. Be it apartments, family homes, or condos – accommodation is available and you have a wide range to choose from. When it comes to sports, Manchester certainly tops the list. Visit the Manchester Aquatics Centre for swimming – this place has two 50 meter swimming pools and numerous health and fitness gymnasiums. There are some amazing National Parks located just outside the city. They are perfect for a day out with your family. Enjoy the beauty of the parks and spend an entire day in nature’s lap! Canoeing and dinghying at the Quays, climbing the Ice Wall at the NorthFace shop, hanging out at the Piccadilly Gardens, and sailing at Sale Water Park are some of the activities that are a must! Manchester movers supervise a move from the start to finish, which means that you don’t have to bother about what item goes into which box or how it is being loaded onto the truck; everything will be taken care of.



It is not without reason that this city is termed as beautiful. The scenic beauty of the city is amazing and an artist can spend hours sketching the landscape on his canvas. It is also known as the “Insurance Capital of the World.” People residing here come from different races and ethnicities. You will find it easy to blend in with the culture and lifestyle here. Unlike other cities, the neighborhoods are not congested and offer ample chances to enjoy long and quiet walks. A Hartford Wolf Pack Hockey Game at the XL Center is recommended for sports fans while music lovers can enjoy events at the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts. For a day out with your family, go to the world-famous Elizabeth Park and then enjoy a 3D movie at the Connecticut Science Center 3D Theater. Want to move to Hartford right away? Hartford moving companies are just a call away! They will help you to pack and transport all the items safely to the new location.



There are 25 neighborhoods in Providence such as the Jewelry District, South Side, West Broadway, West Side, and other on. The population of this city is high, but that does not mean that roads and places are crowded. Crime rate in Providence had been on a rise in the early 2000 but it has been brought under control now. The city has retained some of its history in the downtown area with streetscapes looking exactly as they did about eight to ten decades back. The art-deco-styled former Industrial Trust Tower, currently the Bank of America Building, is truly a masterpiece of architecture. The cityscape consists of abandoned and revitalized industrial mills, double and triple decker housing, single family houses, and modest high-rises. Although, this city can’t be termed as scenic, it has an old world charm that is unique. You will enjoy living here and exploring the different landmarks of the city. Providence movers are listed online so you will not have any difficulty in contacting them. Once you hire a particular company, ensure that you communicate your requirements in detail so that there are no misunderstandings later on!

All the best for your move to New England!


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