E-Z Movers launches upgraded web site

Leading moving company in Chicago and other cities in the U.S.

E-Z Movers, Inc launches its newly redeveloped website!  The new website includes redesigned navigation, new content and a new Online Reservation Tool.

Now PC-, tablet- and mobile-friendly, the new website allows customers to quickly access the news, tips, and information, which people interested in residential and commercial moving services need. It also offers enhanced usability and useful online tools.

Today people do not have much time to spend digging through websites to find the information they need. Consumers need to access data quickly and easily. E-Z Movers, Inc. is excited to launch this new site, which makes it simple for customers to get the information they need and also allows them to reserve their move online.

“According to our prognosis, we hope to see an increase of 24% in overall visits to the site. That is 24% more people getting the packing and moving services information they need. We also expect significant increase in the number of mobile visitors via smart phones and tablets. So far only 15% of our customers visit the website this way; we hope the mobile-friendly usability of our new site sees mobile users increase,” said E-Z Movers, Inc.

For the launch of this new website, E-Z Movers, Inc. has improved its Free Estimation Tool functionality and launched the first-ever Online Reservation Tool. The redesigned site also includes new content helpful for those planning a move, and an interactive blog where community members can share their moving stories or learn tips and tricks to making a move successfully.

“Our goal with this new site is to provide customers with the information they need, when and how they need it. We hope that by offering expert advice and tips before the move, we will turn consumers planning their next relocation to us,” said E-Z Movers, Inc.

Please visit our brand new web site!


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