On the Move, Don’t Forget to Eat Healthy!

Moving to Florida? Eat healthIn the midst of all the stress and hustle of a move, it is sometimes hard to plan healthy eating habits. If you’re moving to Tampa, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, you’re in luck. Orlando movers, Tampa movers, and Fort Lauderdale movers of E-Z Movers would like to introduce recently relocated Floridians to a flourish of seasonal fruit and vegetables that are locally grown and available only for a season:

Avocados: Grown from June to February, SlimCados, the Florida avocado brand name, boasts 35% fewer calories and half the fat as avocados from other parts of the country.

Blueberries: North of Tampa in Spring Hill Florida is the annual Blueberry Festival, where the benefits of fresh blueberries are celebrated. Fresh in Florida from April to June, blueberries are available in markets nationwide during this season.

Grapefruit: Grown in Florida’s Indian River since 1947, Florida Grapefruit are just as juicy as their more popular cousin, oranges. The Florida “superfruit”, half a medium-sized Florida grapefruit provides 100% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, supporting a healthy immune system.

Mangoes: Fresh from June to September, this seemingly-exotic fruit can be found growing in the agricultural communities of Homestead and the Redland, in Miami-Dade County. Full of Vitamin A, eating mangos will help with skin and hair health, keeping Floridians beach-ready all summer long.

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Let us know in the comments!


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