5 Unusual Must-Sees in New York City

New YorkWhen considering New York City as a travel destination or new home, amazing restaurants, famous monuments, fear-inspiring skyscrapers and dramatic Broadway musicals make the top of nearly every list.

Manhattan movers and Brooklyn movers of E-Z Movers have been helping New Yorkers move in and out of tiny condos and steep walk-up for over 15 years. We have the top five unusual things to do and see in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the other New York City boroughs (and maybe even some things in New Jersey):

1)     Take a walk on the High Line: Opened in 2011, the 1.45-mile park and eco-trail was reclaimed from a raised railway that ran the city from 1934 until 1980.  Today over 100 native plants line the wheel-chair accessible trails, with plans to open grassy areas for lounging and picnicking in 2013.

2)     Ride the rails: New York City has the most extensive subway system in the world, over 842 miles and 468 stations. Not only does this mass transit option offer New Yorkers 24 hour travel – the only subway system in the world to never stop service – it also offers world class entertainment. While people watching is sure to entertain, the musicians that play along the system are the real show, having undergone a competitive audition process in order to gain approval to play the lines.

3)     Learn to fly: The New York City Trapeze School offers flying lessons year-round, from beginner to advance. Listed as one of Travel & Leisure magazine’s 50 Great American Adventures, Trapeze School experts will school new fliers in the techniques and tricks in flying on a trapeze. Circus experience is not required.

4)     Play the detective:  Accomplice New York is a theater event that’s part show, part tour and part scavenger hunt. Participants can sign up online and will then be called a few days ahead of time with a starting point. The event leads groups through mysterious parts of New York where they must work together to find clues and solve the game.

5)     Paddle the Cove: See Queens, Long Island, and even circumnavigate Manhattan from water-level with kayak tours by the Long Island Community Boathouse. All kayak trips start in Hallets Cove, at the northern end of Socrates Sculpture Park, and boaters can choose from one of several daily tours that come and go based on the tide schedules.

What’s your favorite New York City activity? Tell us your tale in the comments. Or call New York moving services now to plan your move to the city that never sleeps.


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