Packing Tips from the Wild West

St Louis In the mid 1800s, the West Ward Movement started in O’Fallon and St. Louis, Missouri and movers went west through Kansas City and Independence, Missouri before stretching across to California and Oregon. These early pioneers packed up life and family in a simple covered wagon and moved to the Wild West in search of fortune, independence and livelihood.

At St. Louis Movers and Kansas City Movers of E-Z Movers, we have over 15 years of moving experience, and can ensure your move gets off without a hitch. If you’re planning your next big move, in search of fame or fortune, take a few packing hints from these old-fashioned moving experts:

1)     Pack Enough Food: The Prairie Traveler, a popular travel guide of the time, suggests packing 15 pounds of coffee, 25 pounds of bacon, and 150 pounds of flour per person for the three-month trip. Modern movers may not need to worry about bringing enough Citric Acid to hedge off scurry, but don’t forget to pack granola bars, cereal, trail mix and other dry-good favorites to ward off any mid-day moving slumps, especially for those traveling with small children.

2)     Wear the Right Clothes: Two shirts, two sturdy pairs of shoes, and four handkerchiefs were standard clothing supplies for gold-rushing movers. Today, don’t forget to wear comfortable, lose-fitting clothing on move day so you can make the move without worrying about your wardrobe. E-Z Movers will handle all the heavy lifting and unpacking, so sweatbands are optional.

3)     Defensive Weapons: Moving west was a dangerous undertaking. Taking to the road today is fraught with its own perils. Be sure to have a cell phone handy in case of an emergency. If driving long a distance, pack a road-side kit complete with a spare tire encase of a flat.

4)     Family Heirlooms: Nothing will make your new home more comfortable than having your treasured family heirlooms survive the move. Clocks, jewelry and even small furniture made the move West to help new pioneers settle in once they claimed their land. E-Z Movers is specialized in moving artwork, antiques and other treasures, so you can be sure your new place will feel like home.

Any packing tips or tricks you’d like to share with other westward – or eastward – movers? Share your insights in the comments.

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