The Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

Best Places for retirment When it comes to retirement, many people choose to move to a warmer location where they can relax and enjoy their golden years. Some of the most popular destinations in America for retirees are Arizona, North Carolina and, of course, sunny Florida.

Retiring in the Sunshine State

Fort Lauderdale movers, Orlando movers, and Tampa moving services are often a busy bunch, because Florida is one of the top states for moving in and out. Much of Florida’s relocation traffic comes from people who are retired and looking for temperate year-round weather.

For retirees who enjoy getting out in the fresh air, there are plenty of walk-friendly cities in Florida. In fact, the American Automobile Association (AAA) has named St. Augustine one of the most walkable cities in the country. Orlando movers will enjoy the picturesque downtown district with its Cultural Corridor, while Tampa movers can take in four miles of sidewalk with stunning views of historic homes and Tampa Bay.

For retirees on a budget, there are plenty of free attractions in Florida. The sunny state offers free beach access, walking tours, sunset celebrations, and even wine tours with complimentary wine tastings.

North Carolina: Ideal for golf lovers

Golf is one of the most popular retirement activities. With plenty of free time to spend on the greens, many golfers choose to retire to North Carolina, where the climate is mild and the courses are plentiful.

There are many other benefits to a North Carolina retirement. The state boasts a relatively low cost of living, and some of the best health care facilities in the country. You’ll also find plenty of cultural attractions, from museums and theaters to ballet and other fine art performances. Of course, the fantastic ocean beaches sweeten the deal, particularly in the quiet neighborhoods of North Myrtle Beach.

Arizona: Where the weather is grand and the scenery’s divine

A highly popular destination for retirees, Arizona offers a warm year-round climate and breathtaking natural beauty. Cities like Phoenix and Tucson may be uncomfortably warm in the summer (a great setup for snowbirds), but there are also areas, like Flagstaff, where the temperature rarely rises above 90 degrees. Arizona also has plenty of retirement communities that offer comfort, companionship, and enhanced lifestyles for seniors.

Favorite activities for Arizona retirees include golf, fine dining, live performances, and sightseeing or walking tours of the scenic landscapes in this desert state.


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