Ohio: A Great Place to Raise a Family

Moving to Columbus, OhioOf the many concerns faced by people who are relocating, finding a family-friendly area ranks at the top. Fortunately, if you’re moving to the state of Ohio, you can rest assured you’ll find a family-friendly environment that offers plenty of advantages when it comes to raising children.

Here are a few benefits right off the bat—the average travel time to work in Ohio is just 21.9 minutes, and families can expect a better quality of life, since the cost of living is 17.88% lower than the national average.

So, where in Ohio should you move? Our Columbus movers and Cincinnati movers have compiled some useful information on what these two popular Ohio cities have to offer for you and your family.

Columbus: Where safety and education matter

The largest city in Ohio, Columbus is also the capital of the Buckeye State. It’s situated squarely in the middle of the state, with the picturesque Scioto River running through the heart of downtown. The climate in Columbus is family-friendly: while the state in general is temperate, the capital city experiences relatively light winter snowfall—just enough to make snowmen, but not enough to make travel dangerous.

More importantly, Columbus is the country’s second safest city for families with young children. There’s also a strong focus on quality education, with an average of 17.8 students per teacher, and public school spending of $6,042 per child annually (compared with the national average of $5,691 per child).

When it comes to family activities, Columbus movers will find plenty. In addition to a plethora of cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks, the world-renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was ranked as the best zoo in America for 2009. Families will also enjoy the natural beauty of many parks and public gardens.

Cincinnati: The most fun for active families

There are few places better than Cincinnati for outdoor activities, from parks to sports to year-round festivals. If you’ve got baseball fans in the family, this is the place for you. Cincinnati is the #5 best baseball city in the country, home to America’s first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings—the team for which today’s Cincinnati Reds are named.

The educational scene in Cincinnati is strong, with a public school network that includes several prestigious Montessori schools. This area also holds one of the highest private school attendance rates in the United States, with more than 20 to choose from.

Cincinnati movers will find plenty to do, with numerous family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year, including the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the annual Tall Stacks festival that commemorates the city’s riverboat history.  Then there’s the park system of Cincinnati, with five regional parks, 70 neighborhood parks, and 34 nature preserves to explore.

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