E-Z Movers Weighs In on Where Americans are Moving This Year

Where are Americans moving this year?Yahoo News lists the top 10 moving destinations in America for 2012, from ten to one, as Chicago, IL; Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA; Denver, CO; San Diego, CA; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ; and Washington, DC. E-Z Movers, a professional Chicago moving company, reports that these cities have been central areas of relocation for many Americans in 2012.

Reasons people move to top destinations

These cities are popular destinations for many different reasons. Quite a few Phoenix and Atlanta movers are retirees in search of comfort, warmer weather, and lower cost of living. In addition to great weather, there are many senior communities in Atlanta and Phoenix, as well as other affordable living choices.

One of the biggest reasons people are moving to Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston is that many businesses are relocating to Texas, so there are more jobs available. The business laws in Texas are very friendly, and the state’s centralized airport helps to support larger companies that frequently travel for business.

E-Z Movers has provided Washington, DC moving services for many people relocating to the nation’s capital. Why move to DC? In addition to the rich culture and historic landmarks, the United States government is the city’s biggest employer, and the salaries and benefits are highly competitive.

Looking to relocate?

Whether you’re moving to one of the top 10 destinations in the United States, or anywhere else in the country, E-Z Movers provides affordable local and long-distance moving services, along with the confidence of knowing that your belongings will arrive safely at your new home. The company is currently offering money-saving fall specials with up to three months of free storage, and more.

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