Why Music Lovers Move to Missouri

Kansas CityRich in cultural heritage, the state of Missouri is steeped in musical history and celebration. Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri’s largest and second-largest cities respectively, each offer a warm and vibrant cultural destination for those considering relocation to The Show Me State.

Kansas City: A musical melting pot

Originally called the Town of Kansas, this Missouri city has been home to a wide variety of musicians in nearly every genre, including rock n’ roll, rap, blues, jazz, and country. Rock stars such as Isaac James and Puddle of Mudd originated in the Kansas City area, as well as rappers like Skatterman and Mac Lethal. Country superstar Tim McGraw also has family ties to the city.

However, this area is best known for its jazz and blues, and even has its own style named after it: Kansas City Jazz. Well-known musicians include Pat Metheny, Charlie Parker, Joe Turner, Bobby Watson, and the original trendsetter, Count Basie. This heritage is celebrated each year with the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival, attracting large crowds and top jazz stars from across the country.

Kansas City movers will enjoy the many live music venues throughout the city, featuring performances from diverse musical genres.

St. Louis: Big names, big entertainment

While Kansas City has its share of celebrity citizens past and present, St. Louis boasts an impressive lineup of its own. The city is nearly synonymous with blues, jazz, and ragtime, with a hometown roster including legendary names like Miles Davis and Chuck Berry. Modern musicians, such as pop singer Sheryl Crow and R&B star Nelly, also call St. Louis home.

One of the main attractions for St. Louis movers is the St. Louis Symphony, the second oldest symphony orchestra in the United States—which has received 56 Grammy nominations and garnered six wins. The symphony holds regular performances in the Powell Symphony Hall of downtown St. Louis. There are many musical venues in the city, including four opera houses and several theatres that offer everything from musical acts to Broadway plays.


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