Moving to Minnesota?

Moving to Minneapolis

What you should know about the weather

Anyone relocating to Minnesota should be prepared to experience real winter. Though the season officially begins in December, cold weather descends on most of Minnesota in November, and sometimes as early as October. Winter conditions last until March or April, with plenty of cold and snowfall.

However, Minnesotans are well-prepared for this changing climate, and there’s plenty to do during the snowy winter months.

Minneapolis: More fun when it’s freezing

Cold and snow don’t hamper the activities in this big city. Minneapolis movers will find a plethora of outdoor recreations during the winter. Prime ice skating is offered in the glass-enclosed indoor ice rink at the Milwaukee Road Depot, along with a food and refreshment bar and full-service family restaurant. There’s also free outdoor ice skating at the rink in St. Paul’s Rice Park, where you can attend the St. Paul Winter Carnival in January.

Other outdoor winter activities in Minneapolis include skiing and snowshoeing at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, and skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding at Buck Hill.

Coon Rapids: Cool activities for the family

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor winter fun, you’ll find it here. Coon Rapids movers can look forward to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, a unique park in the Three Rivers Park district that features snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other popular cold-weather activities.

For indoor thrills, there’s the Coon Rapids Ice Center. This year-round community center features an NHL regulation size ice arena, with regular public open skate sessions as well as skating lessons and winter sports teams.

Rochester: Chill out with winter thrills

Rochester movers will enjoy a variety of winter activities, from traditional to unique. This city is paradise for ice skaters, with 10 rinks to choose from—three of them dedicated to public skating. Rochester also offers groomed cross-country skiing trails at Quarry Hill Park, Essex Park, and Eastwood Golf Course, and sledding hills at Judd Park and Schmidt Park.

During winter in Rochester, movers can play indoor volleyball or basketball at the National Volleyball Center, catch a live show at the Mayo Civic Center, or bring the kids to the Pipsqueaks Indoor Playground. Finally, the Rochester Winterfest offers fun wintertime activities for all ages from late January to early February.

What winter activities do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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