Wintering in Florida: A Popular Trend

Winter in OrlandoAn increasing number of people are seeking respite from frigid winter temperatures by purchasing or renting vacation homes in Florida for the coldest months of the year. Often referred to as “snowbirds,” these folks head down to the Sunshine State in late September, October, or November, and enjoy the weather through spring break in late March or early April, when they travel north once again.

Some of the most popular Florida cities for snowbirds are Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Moving services for these locations often find themselves quite busy during late fall, when the Florida migration is at its peak.

What’s the weather really like?

It may be hard to believe, but Florida experiences summer-like conditions all year round. Through January and February, the coldest of the winter months, much of the state remains in the 70s and 80s during the day, with things cooling off overnight. Tampa movers can expect average overnight temperatures of 52 degrees during the city’s coldest month of January—which is still warmer than most daytime temperatures in the north—and low 70s once the sun rises.

For Orlando movers, nights are a touch chillier with an average temperature of 48 degrees in January, but the climate warms to balmy 70s during the day. While most of the eastern United States suffers through colder temperatures in February, Florida is already warming up again, with average temperatures rising by a few degrees throughout the month.

Winter fun in Florida

Of course, the most popular attraction in Florida is Walt Disney World. Snowbirds can truly enjoy the park without waiting in long lines, as the lowest attendance times are just after New Years through mid-February. Walt Disney World is located in Orlando, and it’s just an hour’s drive from Tampa. Fort Lauderdale movers will have the longest trek to the world-famous attraction, which is 200 miles away—but in the winter months, it’s worth the drive.

Wintering in Florida also provides an opportunity to hit the greens while your friends back home are snowed in. The Sunshine State is home to many world-class golf courses, including the Celebration Golf Club, the Champions Gate Golf Resort, and the Providence Golf Club.

For those with roots in the north country, wintering in Florida is an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds—family and friends in the summer, and an end to freezing winters!


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