E-Z Movers Helps Consumers Choose the Right Moving Company

Family unpacking boxes in new home smilingE-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, is dedicated to helping consumers make the stressful process of relocation easy. The company shares helpful tips on what to look for when it’s time to select a moving service, so customers can avoid potential moving disasters.

Homework assignment: How to research moving services

One of the first things E-Z Movers recommends is to read reviews of the moving company before making a decision. Consumer reviews can offer a better picture of what to expect, including details of the service that may not be available on websites or in printed brochures.

Customers are also advised to work with a service that is professionally licensed in the areas they are relocating to and from, whether they’re considering a moving company in New York, Chicago, Washington, or any destination across the country. Finding a locally licensed company also saves money in travel and fuel fees.

Finally, one of the best sources for information is friends and family. Asking trusted people for referrals will not only provide additional knowledge, but can also result in rewards or discounts through referral programs such as those offered by E-Z Movers.

Pay attention to the paperwork

E-Z Movers recommends requesting estimates from several different companies, in order to find the best possible deal. Keep in mind that it’s better to receive a visual estimate, where the moving company visits on-site to see everything that needs to be relocated. Telephone estimates can sometimes result in unexpected fees or charges.

It is equally important for the consumer to read all documentation before signing anything. Be sure to understand everything in the contract, so that there are no hidden fees or additional charges that will inflate the final bill. A professional moving company will be willing to answer any questions you may have about the paperwork.

With a bit of preparation, consumers can ensure that they make the best choice for a moving service, saving themselves money and potential trouble down the line.

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