Beyond Chicago

Pink truck_2Life in the greater Chicago area

The city of Chicago is spectacular in and of itself, but there are also many suburbs and nearby neighborhoods that offer excellent community living and a long list of reasons to relocate there. As a Chicago moving company, we’d love to point out a few of the best moving destinations in this area.

Moving to Naperville, Illinois

The wealthiest city in the Midwest, Naperville is about an hour drive from Chicago. It’s an ideal area for families, with a quality educational system and three popular public libraries, including the Naperville Public Library, which has been ranked #1 in the United States for more than 10 years.

Naperville movers can look forward to scenic, historic surroundings and plenty of entertainment and attractions, including the widely celebrated Naperville Independent Film Festival.

Life in Barrington, Illinois

Anyone looking for the convenience of city living combined with a wealth of natural attractions will love this suburban neighborhood within the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Barrington itself consists of seven different villages, each with its own distinct character, so Barrington movers will have a wealth of possibilities to choose from.

The area features several nature venues, including wetlands, parks, forest preserves, and horse trails that are open year-round for residents to enjoy.

Relocating to Springfield, Illinois

Springfield movers with a love of history will find a treasure trove of surroundings in this city. The current capital of Illinois, Springfield was home to Abraham Lincoln for 24 years, and today contains many historic sites associated with the famed U.S. President. These include the Lincoln Home, the Lincoln Tomb, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and New Salem, a reconstructed log cabin village of Lincoln’s childhood hometown.

Moving to Rockford, Illinois

Known as “The Forest City,” Rockford is a scenic town along the Rock River that offers plenty for residents to do and see. Rockford movers with a taste for the outdoors will enjoy life in this popular moving destination, where there are several parks, year-round activities, and outdoor attractions. These range from the Anderson Japanese Garden—rated the top Japanese garden in the country—to numerous forest preserves, premier golf courses, and the more than 3,000-acre Rock Cut State Park.


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