What’s it Like to Live in Minneapolis?

minneapolisOne of the Twin Cities in the state of Minnesota—the other being St. Paul—the city of Minneapolis is a great place to live. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, it’s one of the 15 highest-income metropolitan areas in the country. But while the other 14 are coastal locations with high costs of living, Minneapolis ranks among the least expensive places to live.

Minneapolis movers will enjoy all the comforts and convenience of urban life in a quiet, suburban-like setting. Tourism is not a primary industry here, but the city is the home of Spam (the processed meat food product, not the email inbox nuisance) and the headquarters of Target department stores.

Things to do in Minneapolis

If you’re about to hire a Minneapolis moving service and head to the Twin Cities area, you’ll find plenty in the way of entertainment. The city has a thriving entertainment scene, with most national touring bands making a stop at the Target Center, and the iconic First Avenue venue (a filming location for the movie Purple Rain) hosts local and independent musicians.

The arts are also prominent in Minneapolis, which houses three major art galleries along with a number of smaller studios in the northeast Arts District. Minneapolis movers will also find several museums featuring a range of art styles and periods.

Among other popular entertainment options in the city are several performing arts venues, such as the Guthrie Theater, and a vibrant coffee shop culture. Annual events held in Minnesota include the Loppet Cross-Country Ski Festival, the holiday Holidazzle Parades, the Aquatennial Festival, and the Minnesota State Fair.

A great place for families

In Minneapolis, movers will find one of the best educated populations in the United States. This is due to the excellent school system, which includes several well-funded options for public and private schools, as well as the state’s largest college, the University of Minnesota. The city is also home to Augsburg College, a private liberal arts university.

Finally, there are many family-friendly outdoor activities in Minneapolis, with nearly 200 public parks. Highlights of the park system include the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Theodore Wirth Park with golf, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking trails, and Minnehaha Park, which features a stunning 53-foot waterfall.

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