Moving Trends Follow the Best Cities for Job Seekers

E-Z MoversOnline job board recently reported on the top five cities in the United States with great employment potential for job seekers. But are people relocating to these areas? According to data from E-Z Movers, a professional Chicago moving company, the best cities for job seekers are welcoming a lot of new residents.

Where the jobs are: Top 5 U.S. cities

The cities with the best employment conditions are located throughout the country—though the top 2 are in the same state. looked at unemployment rates and wage growth, according to information from online salary database, to find the cities with the lowest unemployment and the highest wage growth rate.

The current top performers are:

5. Seattle, Washington: 7.3% unemployment, 3.1% wage growth

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 5.3% unemployment, 3.2% wage growth

3. Boston, Massachusetts: 5.9% unemployment, 3.3% wage growth

2. Dallas, Texas: 6.3% unemployment, 3.5% wage growth

1. Houston, Texas: 6.3% unemployment, 3.9% wage growth

The report found that the industries of information technology (IT), biotech, and oil and gas are experiencing significant growth, with increased demand from consumers. These are popular industries in the top 5 cities for job seekers.

Moving activity in top employment cities

Chicago moving company E-Z Movers have noticed a recent upswing in relocation to the same cities cited by as great places for job seekers. There have been several Minneapolis movers from Chicago and other areas, as well as those relocating to other cities on the list.

Top tips for job seekers who are relocating

For anyone looking to move to an area with better job prospects, E-Z Movers offers several helpful tips to ensure a smooth relocation process. Those seeking a move to greener employment pastures should:

  • Look up the unemployment rate for the city you are moving to. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a list of unemployment rates for metropolitan areas, which is updated monthly.
  • Investigate the job market specifically for your employment area and specialization, to ensure there will be opportunities both now and in the future.
  • Start looking for open positions and send out your resume to hiring companies before you actually relocate.
  • Consider hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate safely and securely, so you can worry about your job search instead of your household possessions.

If you have any questions about your relocation, contact E-Z Movers. The professional Chicago movers will answers all of your questions and help reserve an easy and stress-free move.


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