America’s Top 10 Moving Destinations for 2012

Professional moving services in ChicagoAcross the United States, more than 36 million people packed up and headed to a new home. Both local and long-distance movers relocated all around the country, and the numbers were up nearly a million from 2011 relocations.

E-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, picked up on some trends that were recently reported by Yahoo! News about the most popular moving destinations in the country.

Popular cities: Where people are moving

The top 10 most popular moving destinations in the U.S. last year were:

10. Sarasota, FL – This sunny city on Florida’s Gulf Coast boasts one of the top three beaches in the country.

9. Charlotte, NC – Home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte also houses the headquarters of Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

8. Seattle, WA – Mild temperatures and breathtaking scenery are big draws for this West Coast destination.

7. Denver, CO – Here in the Mile-High city, movers flock to take advantage of the year-round outdoor action accessible in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

6. Houston, TX – A high rate of employment opportunities and unbeatably mild temperatures make Houston a great place to relocate.

5. Chicago, IL – E-Z Movers has kept busy with an influx of Chicago movers, who come for the diversity in food, neighborhoods, and entertainment.

4. Orlando, FL – Sure, there’s Disney World—but if that’s not enough, Orlando is one of the most popular golf destinations in the world, with more pro golfers than any other city.

3. Phoenix, AZ – Year-round warm and sunny weather (it’s 70 in February) draw Arizona movers who love the outdoors and hate shoveling snow.

2. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX – The state of Texas has the jobs, and Dallas-Fort Worth has plenty of fun, from rodeos and speedways to amusement parks, shopping, and nightlife.

1. Atlanta, GA – With the most new residents arriving for three years in a row, Atlanta movers flock to this city with its ideal year-round climate and world-class entertainment—not to mention Southern hospitality.


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