E-Z Movers Extends Winter Specials for New and Returning Customers

E-Z MoversE-Z Movers, a full-service professional Chicago moving company, is dedicated to saving people time and money during the relocation process.

In keeping with that goal, the company has decided to extend their winter specials through the early spring months.

E-Z Movers special rates and bonuses for local and long-distance moves are now available to customers through April 1, 2013.

Local winter moving specials

For Chicago movers and other local customers, E-Z Movers is offering a number of free bonuses along with any local move. These include:

  • 15 free moving boxes – 5 large, 5 medium, and 5 small
  • 5 free rental wardrobe boxes
  • Up to 3 months of free storage at their secure, climate-controlled facility

Local movers can learn more about these specials on the E-Z Movers website and find printable coupons for these free offers.

Long-distance winter moving specials

Moving far from home can be a challenging time. E-Z Movers makes it easy for Nashville movers and others relocating long distances to save money, while enjoying the convenience and security of full-service moving.

Through April 1, 2013, rates on long-distance moves start at just $799 with E-Z Movers. In addition, the extended winter special includes up to 3 months of free storage. Learn more about winter long-distance moving specials on the E-Z Movers website.

An immediate opportunity to save money

Moving season is approaching, and the cost of moving is likely to increase. Customers who choose to relocate before April 1 can enjoy these special rates and bonuses from E-Z Movers, and be settled into their new homes in time to enjoy the summer.


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