Moving Trend: People are Leaving Chicago for the Suburbs

Life in the big city may have lost its appeal for many people in Chicagoland. In 2012, more people started moving away from Chicago in favor of the suburbs. This trend is continuing in 2013, as Chicago movers head for suburban destinations both within and outside the state of Illinois.

Reasons for moving to the suburbs

Movers in Chicagoland

While many people enjoy the convenience and excitement of living in a large city like Chicago, the cost of living can be fairly high. Whether renting or buying a home, housing costs are often substantially lower in the suburbs—for example, Aurora movers can expect an average home price of around $92,000. Also, suburban homes are larger and usually come with more amenities.

Having space to grow and play is a strong motivation for families to head for suburbia. Many city dwellings don’t have private yards, and space can be very limited. Housing dollars are worth more in the suburbs.

Other advantages to suburban life

Large cities inherently generate more noise and pollution. In the suburbs, Bensenville movers can enjoy fresh air and relaxing environments. The fast pace of the city can contribute to stress, so it may be a health benefit to move into the suburbs.

Suburban movers will also find a higher quality of schools. Unfortunately, city schools are often under-funded and under-staffed, with a higher student-to-teacher ratio. Suburban schools have the advantages of larger budgets, to which communities often contribute, as well as smaller class sizes.

Affordable deals for Chicago movers

For those moving away from Chicago, professional moving company E-Z Movers offers full-service moving with great deals on local and long-distance moves to Chicago suburbs and other moving destinations. More information on E-Z Movers’ rates is available on the company’s website.

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