E-Z Movers Suggests the Best Cities to Live in the Midwest

Family unpacking boxes in new home smilingWhile the East Coast and the West Coast might be the most talked-about regions in the United States, the Midwest certainly has its share of fans. In fact, more people than ever are moving to the Midwestern region of the country. One popular reason is affordability, but many are surprised to discover that America’s heartland has just as much culture and fun as the coasts.

Recent data from professional moving companies in Chicago supports the increasing trend of Midwest movers. E-Z Movers offers some ideas and opinions from customers on a few of the best cities in middle America to live.

Three great Midwest cities: Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland

What’s so great about living in the Midwest? Here are a few highlights from some of the best cities in this charming, vibrant region of the country.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kiplinger calls the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul the No. 2 smartest place to live in the U.S., ranked by fun and affordability. Minneapolis is also the fifth most affordable city according to Forbes. This progressive urban center with Midwestern sensibilities boasts several cultural outlets, an array of universities, pro sports teams to get behind, and a thriving economy for Minneapolis movers.
  • Kansas City, Missouri. Technically spanning both the states of Missouri and Kansas, this city makes Kiplinger’s smartest cities list at No. 6. Kansas City movers can look forward to something for everyone in all categories—from housing and entertainment to dining and shopping.
  • Cleveland, Ohio. Forbes ranks this Midwest city as the 16th most affordable in America, but there’s more to Cleveland than a favorable cost of living. Cleveland movers will enjoy quite a bit about this city, nicknamed “The Rock and Roll Capital of the World,” from its vibrant music scene to its many cultural centers and a rich historic background.

E-Z Movers has its own tradition of providing the best prices and customer service for local Chicago movers, who already live in the Midwest, to long-distance movers headed for wide open spaces. Learn more about the company’s current specials on their website.


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