E-Z Movers Reveals the Most Popular Florida Cities for Summer Homes



E-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, has recently looked at the popular trend of buying summer homes in Florida and discovered some of the most desirable Florida destinations for summer living.

The company’s customer data supports this long-distance trend.

Where people are living in Florida for the summer

While Florida is still a popular state for retirees and snowbirds—people who maintain a second home in Florida during the winter months—the Sunshine State is now a favorite summer destination for people of all ages. Some of the top summer home cities in Florida include:

  • Miami: In addition to fantastic beaches, Miami is a major center for entertainment, the arts, commerce, and more. It’s the richest city in the United States, and very popular in the summer. Miami movers enjoy gorgeous weather, pristine beaches, and endless entertainment options.
  • Fort Lauderdale: This popular tourist destination is a boat lover’s paradise. A major yachting center, Fort Lauderdale movers can take advantage of the city’s intricate, expansive canal system—and the stunning tropical beaches that surround the city.
  • Orlando: It’s not hard to figure out the biggest attraction for Orlando movers: Walt Disney World Resort. But this city has a lot more to offer than the world’s most beloved theme park. If Disney isn’t your style, there are six other major theme parks to choose from, and a multitude of attractions to entertain the more than 51 million tourists who flock to the city each year.

E-Z Movers helps make your long-distance move easy

As a full-service moving company that’s dedicated to saving customers time and money, E-Z Movers offers the best deals on long-distance moving. The company’s current Florida moving specials are just in time for the busy summer moving season, when thousands of people are moving to Florida.

You can contact E-Z Movers through their website, or call 888-917-8300 to speak to a Certified Moving Consultant and ask any question you may have, or book your Florida move today.


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