E-Z Movers Offers Professional Chandelier Moving for Local Customers

Chandelier movers


E-Z Movers, a professional moving company, is one of the few chandelier movers in Chicago and Illinois.

Because chandelier moving is such a challenge, many moving companies don’t offer this service.

But E-Z Movers is dedicated to offering true full service moving for their Chicago clients, Highland Park movers, and other customers.

Reasons to use a professional chandelier moving service

Packing and transporting a chandelier is a difficult and delicate task. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with these expensive items during each step of the process. Just a few of them include:

  • Disconnection: As lighting fixtures, chandeliers are wired into the electrical system. It’s important to have a professional disconnect wired appliances, due to the risk of serious shock and injury.
  • Moving: Chandeliers are typically heavy and awkward. Disconnecting and moving one of these lighting fixtures requires more than one person for safety.
  • Packing: Many chandeliers are ornate, elaborate structures with a lot of small parts that can be easily lost or broken during the packing process, such as candle cups, light bulbs, crystals, prisms, and chains.

E-Z Movers’ chandelier moving process

Moving chandeliersE-Z Movers takes every precaution to ensure that chandeliers are moved safely and without damage to their new locations. The company’s professional electricians will disconnect the chandelier, and reinstall the fixture once it arrives at the new home.

For every chandelier move, a custom crate is built to accommodate the item. These crates feature a crossbeam across the top that the chandelier hangs from, so the bottom of the fixture doesn’t bear the weight during the move. The crate is then filled with high quality packing materials to prevent the chandelier from moving around and breaking during transport.

Enjoy real full service with E-Z Movers

E-Z Movers is dedicated to saving their customers time and hassle with cost-effective services that include every detail, including chandelier moving. Find out more information about this service on the E-Z Movers website, or call one of their Certified Moving Consultants at 1-888-917-8300.


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