The Best Cities to Live in Florida

Long distance moves to and from FloridaMany people move to Florida every day. With cooler weather settling in for most of the United States, and winter on the horizon, this time of the year is when more people consider moving to the Sunshine State.

But where in Florida should you move?

E-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, shares some of the best places to live in this popular state.

Miami: Something for everyone

For anyone seeking ample job opportunities, scenic surroundings, a clean environment, and an exciting night life, Miami is the place to be. The city, which has been ranked the richest in the United States, is a major center for finance, commerce, media, culture, entertainment, and the arts.

Miami movers can look forward to living in “America’s Cleanest City,” according to Forbes magazine—so named for its excellent air quality, drinking water, and green spaces.

Fort Lauderdale: Water, water everywhere

If you’re moving to Florida because you love the waterfront, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination. The city, which is sometimes called “the Venice of America,” is best known for its extensive canal system with 165 miles of waterway inside the city.

Fort Lauderdale movers can also look forward to seven miles of ocean beaches, and activities both in and on the water—the city is a major yachting center.

Orlando: Where magic happens every day

When talking about moving to Orlando, it’s hard not to mention the biggest attraction on the planet: Walt Disney World. But Disney isn’t the only fun to be found in Orlando, “The Theme Park Capitol of the World.” The city is home to nearly a dozen major theme parks, and several smaller attractions.

Other than amusement parks, Orlando movers can look forward to a thriving economy in this major industrial and technical center, fantastic year-round weather, and a lower-than-average cost of living.

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