The Best Cities to Relocate for Great Weather

Long distance movingWith the worst of winter upon us, a lot of people are considering a move to a more welcoming climate. Of course, there are quite a few destinations to choose from in the southern part of the East Coast. If you’re relocating, you want to find not just great weather, but a great place to live.

E-Z Movers, a professional full-service Chicago moving company, shares some of the best cities to relocate to that combine excellent climates with more attractive reasons to live there.

North Carolina and South Carolina

In both of the Carolinas, there is a humid subtropical climate throughout most of the states. North Carolina and South Carolina are great choices to relocate for people who still want to experience all four seasons—but with much milder winters and mostly warm weather year round.

Apex, North Carolina, is number 9 of Money magazine’s top 50 places to live in the U.S., due to affordable homes and a wide range of activities. In this state, another good choice is Morrisville, which is one of the best places in North Carolina for raising a family.

In South Carolina, some of the best places to live include Greenville with its many parks, bike paths, and restaurants, and Mount Pleasant, the safest large city in the state.


The Sunshine State is one of the most popular moving destinations in the country, especially when it comes to relocating for weather. North and central Florida have a humid subtropical climate, while south Florida has a tropical climate—and winter is almost nonexistent.

Besides the weather, a big attraction for Orlando movers is naturally the profusion of theme parks, including Disney Land. Miami movers can enjoy living in a prosperous urban center that’s been ranked as the richest city in the U.S., and Fort Lauderdale movers will find plenty of entertainment and relaxation in “Venice of America.”

Right now, enjoy great deals from E-Z Movers on long distance moves when you relocate to a better climate, or wherever you happen to be moving!


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