Top Winter Moving Tips—Plus Great Winter Moving Specials from E-Z Movers!

Specials on local and long distance movesE-Z Movers, a professional full-service Chicago moving company, is pleased to announce that winter moving specials are still in effect. Customers still have time to take advantage of great deals on local moves. The company is also offering long-distance winter moving specials.

Tips for moving in the winter

Winter moving requires a bit more preparation than moving in nicer weather. These tips will help you ensure a safe, smooth move during the cold and slippery season.

  • Allow for extra travel time: Slippery roads and poor driving conditions can slow down your move. Make sure you have extra time built into the schedule for you and your moving company to allow for weather delays.
  • Keep paths clear: Invest extra time in making sure sidewalks and walkways are shoveled, salted, and safe for you and your movers at both the old and new residences.
  • Protect your floors: Having a lot of people walk in and out of a house during the winter can get messy (and potentially dangerous) quickly. Put down old rugs, sheets, or blankets on the main walkways to protect floors and prevent slipping hazards.

Local and long-distance winter moving specials

E-Z Movers helps their customers save money by offering free wrapping materials with every local move, including moving pads, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and tape. In addition, customers moving locally get a free packing kit.

Customers interested in long-distance moving services can enjoy record low moving rates for the winter, starting at just $799 for a full-service move, along with money-saving specials on storage.


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