Top States to Relocate in 2014

Long distance movesE-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, takes a look at recent moving trends to reveal which cities and states people are moving to in 2014, and why.

More educated people move to central Ohio

From 2007 to the present, U.S. census data reveals that people with college educations are increasingly moving to the central Ohio area, particularly Cleveland movers, Cincinnati movers, and Columbus movers. The move-in/move-out ratio for this area shows that over the past several years, nearly double the number of college-educated people have moved into the area, than those with college educations who have moved out.

Franklin County, where Columbus is located, showed a higher net gain of educated moving in people than surrounding counties. Other Ohio counties with increasing numbers of movers include Hamilton County, home of Cincinnati, and Cuhayoga County, where Cleveland can be found.

Florida remains a highly popular destination

Just as in past years, 2014 is expected to see many more people move to Florida. The Sunshine State is a popular moving destination for retirees, families, outdoor lovers, and more.

With a strengthened U.S. economy and warmer weather, this year more people are moving to Orlando than other large Florida cities. Orlando movers are able to enjoy a very reasonable cost of living, at 10% lower than Miami—and of course, great weather, warm winters, and close proximity to Walt Disney World.

Great long-distance moving deals for you

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