Time is Money

How much time will it take to move my apartment?

This is a standard question the moving companies’ sales departments get. It goes along with all other questions about rates and extra fees. Every sales rep will tell you that in order for them to give you a time frame fro the labor, you have to list your entire inventory. A big role in determining the time your move will require, plays how many bedrooms is your apartment. Yet, even if two clients have the same size home that doesn’t mean their moves will require the same amount of time to complete. Driving time adds up to the total time the relocation will take, and it has to be considered too. Consequently, local and a long distance driving time are entirely different categories.

Moving A One Bedroom

It is very hard to give an average time for moving a one bedroom apartment. The huge difference comes from the sheer fact that people accumulate different quantity of personal items. Moving time factors:

  • It depends on how many pieces of furniture you have, if you have a couch, a kitchen table set with two chairs or with four, as well as any appliances you may want to move.
  • Then, you may have two hundred books, and two pairs of shoes, while other clients may be the opposite. It’s space and weight that will be important to the moving consultants so they can give you more accurate time for completion of the moving.
  • The number of boxes and larger furniture movers have to move, will determine the number of movers.
  • Moreover, it depends on the type of building you live in: how many floors, available parking and elevator. Thus, clients have to give the sales representative all the details in order to get an accurate quote and time frame.

Yet we can say that on average, to move one bedroom apartment, you will need three movers and pay for three hours with the truck, not including the driving time. Remember that it is a very relative number, it will fluctuate depending on all these and more factors and details.

If you have any questions please post in comments!


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